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Cherokee County, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bedwell, Amanda  Abt 1841Cherokee County, Alabama I1308 Nichols 
2 Bedwell, Andrew J  Abt 1837Cherokee County, Alabama I1265 Nichols 
3 Bedwell, Betty Jo   I1932 Nichols 
4 Bedwell, Billy Frank   I2629 Nichols 
5 Bedwell, Butler B  Jul 1888Cherokee County, Alabama I2168 Nichols 
6 Bedwell, Catherine  Abt 1844Cherokee County, Alabama I1754 Nichols 
7 Bedwell, Cleo  18 Oct 1919Cherokee County, Alabama I1200 Nichols 
8 Bedwell, Daisy O  May 1879Cherokee County, Alabama I3311 Nichols 
9 Bedwell, Dock Condy  27 Sep 1903Cherokee County, Alabama I214 Nichols 
10 Bedwell, Dora E  Abt 1873Cherokee County, Alabama I2320 Nichols 
11 Bedwell, Douglas McArthur   I2631 Nichols 
12 Bedwell, Francis  06 Nov 1918Cherokee County, Alabama I365 Nichols 
13 Bedwell, Hazel Elizabeth  03 Sep 1922Cherokee County, Alabama I1931 Nichols 
14 Bedwell, Henry  Abt 1869Cherokee County, Alabama I476 Nichols 
15 Bedwell, Henry L  23 Jun 1877Cherokee County, Alabama I2738 Nichols 
16 Bedwell, Henry Paul  05 Jan 1909Cherokee County, Alabama I216 Nichols 
17 Bedwell, Infant  Sep 1921Cherokee County, Alabama I2255 Nichols 
18 Bedwell, J Frank  Apr 1845Cherokee County, Alabama I1310 Nichols 
19 Bedwell, James Augustus  06 Dec 1926Cherokee County, Alabama I2625 Nichols 
20 Bedwell, James Claude  01 Jun 1901Cherokee County, Alabama I2253 Nichols 
21 Bedwell, James G  Jul 1880Cherokee County, Alabama I2551 Nichols 
22 Bedwell, Jeff  Apr 1883Cherokee County, Alabama I2325 Nichols 
23 Bedwell, Jessy S  14 Apr 1850Cherokee County, Alabama I2567 Nichols 
24 Bedwell, Jewell Lee  12 Oct 1912Cherokee County, Alabama I217 Nichols 
25 Bedwell, Joel Noel  1911Cherokee County, Alabama I367 Nichols 
26 Bedwell, John L  May 1870Cherokee County, Alabama I2566 Nichols 
27 Bedwell, John T  Mar 1877Cherokee County, Alabama I2550 Nichols 
28 Bedwell, Joseph W  12 Dec 1874Cherokee County, Alabama I1018 Nichols 
29 Bedwell, Junior Leroy   I2256 Nichols 
30 Bedwell, Kenneth Allen  28 Apr 1939Cherokee County, Alabama I2630 Nichols 
31 Bedwell, Lela B  Jul 1885Cherokee County, Alabama I2326 Nichols 
32 Bedwell, Lois  01 Nov 1899Cherokee County, Alabama I1328 Nichols 
33 Bedwell, Martha Sue   I209 Nichols 
34 Bedwell, Mary E  Mar 1877Cherokee County, Alabama I3310 Nichols 
35 Bedwell, Melvina D  Abt 1875Cherokee County, Alabama I314 Nichols 
36 Bedwell, Myrtle Elizabeth  05 May 1899Cherokee County, Alabama I212 Nichols 
37 Bedwell, Nobie Ovel  05 May 1905Cherokee County, Alabama I215 Nichols 
38 Bedwell, Noel Wendell  20 Feb 1934Cherokee County, Alabama I981 Nichols 
39 Bedwell, Robert L  18 Nov 1855Cherokee County, Alabama I873 Nichols 
40 Bedwell, Robert L  Abt 1873Cherokee County, Alabama I315 Nichols 
41 Bedwell, Roxey  Feb 1891Cherokee County, Alabama I2324 Nichols 
42 Bedwell, Ruby Fay  29 Nov 1915Cherokee County, Alabama I1199 Nichols 
43 Bedwell, Rufus  Aug 1848Cherokee County, Alabama I2921 Nichols 
44 Bedwell, Sarah L  1867Cherokee County, Alabama I1203 Nichols 
45 Bedwell, Shelley Mae   I208 Nichols 
46 Bedwell, Shirley Faye   I1933 Nichols 
47 Bedwell, Squire M  Abt 1868Cherokee County, Alabama I2564 Nichols 
48 Bedwell, Sybil Elouise  13 Mar 1925Cherokee County, Alabama I2254 Nichols 
49 Bedwell, Thomas J  13 Mar 1838Cherokee County, Alabama I2570 Nichols 
50 Bedwell, Virginia  1864Cherokee County, Alabama I1204 Nichols 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jannie Louisia  Jun 1932Cherokee County, Alabama I332 Nichols 
2 Adams, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1854Cherokee County, Alabama I1305 Nichols 
3 Arrington, Lucinda  19 Jul 1902Cherokee County, Alabama I1420 Nichols 
4 Bedwell, Catherine  Aft 1910Cherokee County, Alabama I1754 Nichols 
5 Bedwell, Cleo  18 Apr 1922Cherokee County, Alabama I1200 Nichols 
6 Bedwell, Henry Paul  09 Jul 1932Cherokee County, Alabama I216 Nichols 
7 Bedwell, Infant  Sep 1921Cherokee County, Alabama I2255 Nichols 
8 Bedwell, James Claude  03 Nov 1981Cherokee County, Alabama I2253 Nichols 
9 Bedwell, Joel Noel  1956Cherokee County, Alabama I367 Nichols 
10 Bedwell, Joseph W  Jan 1964Cherokee County, Alabama I1018 Nichols 
11 Bedwell, Leroy Calvin  29 Jul 1879Cherokee County, Alabama I1201 Nichols 
12 Bedwell, Lois  Apr 1978Cherokee County, Alabama I1328 Nichols 
13 Bedwell, Noel Wendell  Dec 2006Cherokee County, Alabama I981 Nichols 
14 Bedwell, Robert L  01 Jul 1925Cherokee County, Alabama I873 Nichols 
15 Bedwell, Sarah L  1935Cherokee County, Alabama I1203 Nichols 
16 Bedwell, Squire  1867Cherokee County, Alabama I1019 Nichols 
17 Bedwell, Sybil Elouise  29 Apr 1929Cherokee County, Alabama I2254 Nichols 
18 Bedwell, Thomas J  10 Mar 1905Cherokee County, Alabama I2570 Nichols 
19 Bedwell, William Chester  07 Sep 1978Cherokee County, Alabama I213 Nichols 
20 Bedwell, William Lee  02 Oct 1946Cherokee County, Alabama I210 Nichols 
21 Martin, Gertrude Cynthia  05 Jan 1940Cherokee County, Alabama I211 Nichols 
22 Martin, Thomas Edmond  19 Jan 1891Cherokee County, Alabama I218 Nichols 
23 Moore, Nancy Isabella  17 Jun 1922Cherokee County, Alabama I2209 Nichols 
24 MORRISON, Andrew Ervin  Feb 1888Cherokee County, Alabama I2356 Nichols 
25 Morrison, Louisia P  13 Sep 1971Cherokee County, Alabama I2714 Nichols 
26 Morrison, Mary Louise  27 Aug 1911Cherokee County, Alabama I1202 Nichols 
27 Smith, Delaney  Between 1860 and 1865Cherokee County, Alabama I2321 Nichols 
28 Speer, ?  Between 1885 and 1899Cherokee County, Alabama I2715 Nichols 
29 Steele, Baskil E  04 Aug 1949Cherokee County, Alabama I2823 Nichols 
30 Turner, Sarah Francis  04 May 1932Cherokee County, Alabama I335 Nichols 
31 Wilson, Mahaly  23 Aug 1898Cherokee County, Alabama I1264 Nichols 
32 Wood, Aristarchus Starkey (Bud)  17 Jan 1926Cherokee County, Alabama I334 Nichols 
33 Wood, Bertha Lee  12 Mar 1999Cherokee County, Alabama I978 Nichols 
34 Wood, Charlie Fain  26 Apr 1915Cherokee County, Alabama I2627 Nichols 
35 Wood, Charlie N  02 Jan 1936Cherokee County, Alabama I1087 Nichols 
36 Wood, Harvey  1897Cherokee County, Alabama I2711 Nichols 
37 Wood, James Newton  12 Sep 1882Cherokee County, Alabama I244 Nichols 
38 Wood, Minnie L  02 Feb 1962Cherokee County, Alabama I2718 Nichols 
39 Wood, Riley  Abt 1898Cherokee County, Alabama I2712 Nichols 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bedwell /   Abt 1888Cherokee County, Alabama F285 Nichols 
2 Bedwell / (?)  Abt 1874Cherokee County, Alabama F971 Nichols 
3 Bedwell / Bryan  01 Oct 1893Cherokee County, Alabama F339 Nichols 
4 Bedwell / Martin  26 Dec 1895Cherokee County, Alabama F68 Nichols 
5 Bedwell / Morrison  Abt 1853Cherokee County, Alabama F392 Nichols 
6 Bedwell / Peace  16 Aug 1914Cherokee County, Alabama F69 Nichols 
7 Bedwell / Sanford  Between 1857 and 1859Cherokee County, Alabama F395 Nichols 
8 Bedwell / Wood  29 Dec 1898Cherokee County, Alabama F340 Nichols 
9 Bedwell / Wood  21 Jan 1921Cherokee County, Alabama F736 Nichols 
10 Bedwell / [Bedwell]  Abt 1866Cherokee County, Alabama F849 Nichols 
11 Downey / Bedwell  06 Dec 1920Cherokee County, Alabama F952 Nichols 
12 Knight / Martin  15 Sep 1898Cherokee County, Alabama F286 Nichols 
13 Knight / Morrison  19 May 1878Cherokee County, Alabama F363 Nichols 
14 MORRISON / Wilson  Aft 1851Cherokee County, Alabama F772 Nichols 
15 Russell / Wood  Abt 1922Cherokee County, Alabama F508 Nichols 
16 Speer / Moore  Abt 1884Cherokee County, Alabama F904 Nichols 
17 Wood / Arrington  27 Feb 1898Cherokee County, Alabama F868 Nichols 
18 Wood / Knight  28 Dec 1903Cherokee County, Alabama F867 Nichols 
19 Wood / Morrison  Abt 1895Cherokee County, Alabama F359 Nichols 

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