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51 17 April 1997: Note from Dorothy Lee Hines-Rawlings; "Mary was a sister to Elizabeth Green, who is also my great-great grandmother, but have not found their maiden names." Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick. 27 September 1997: Received a response today to an inquiry I made regarding the Goodson Surname, found on the Franklin Co., MS Gen Web homepage. Pauline Brandy had placed the Post to the Page, and after some investigation, confirmed on 30 September 1997 by Robert Dewey Taylor, who has done extensive research on the Goodson Family. Pauline Brandy is related to the Goodson Family through Rachel Ratcliff-Goodson. Robert Taylor is descended from Mary's older sister Rhoda Goodson -Slaughter. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Goodson, Mary Polly (I1645)
52 1744 John Nichells witness a Will in Tyrrell Co I think I was misunderstood. I did not say Frances Nicholls was married to GPZ. George Peter Zellner married 1) Elizabeth Nicholls. Proof of this exists in the wills of two of Elizabeth's brothers...Thomas Nicholls who died 1812 Bertie Co.NC. Thomas names Barbara Bentley as his "niece" and leaves her 5 shillings. The will of Jehu Nicholls 1838,another brother to Elizabeth, leaves Barbary Bentley "daughter of my sister Elizabeth" a bequest as well. When GPZ died in Lincoln Co. Ga ,Barbara Bentley was named in the will probated Jan 1823..."I give and bequeath to my daughter Barbarey Bentley". Andrew Zellner, son of GPZ, left an obit in which it stated [according to Andrew's son Benjamin Holmes Zellner] that GPZ was married twice. It does not state the name of the first wife but does state that the second wife, Mary Capehart, was a cousin to GPZs first wife. According to Hardy researchers, Michael Capehart, father of Mary Capehart, was married to Frances Hardy. This means then that it was likely that John Nicholls (father of Elizabeth Nicholls) was married to Michael Capehart's sister. This had all been conjecture until I recently stumbled onto a copy of a Nicholls family prayer book that was given to the St. Thomas Episcopal Church by the Webb/Nicholls family. It is in the possession of St. Thomas Church and states according to Lorenzo Stephenson Webb (great grandson of John Nicholls) that John Nicholls was a lay leader of the church "when it was first being built" and was married to a Capehart. We do not know her first name because she was deceased at the time of John Nicholls death in 1791 in Bertie Co. I think the errors occurred when Jane Zellner Gladney and earlier researchers might have assumed erroneously that if the Capeharts and Nicholls were cousins then it had to be through Frances (now known to be Hardy) Capehart and John Nicholls. They did not suppose that it might be through Michael Capehart and the wife of John Nicholls. Here's some more Bertie Co. info re GPZ: Deed Book O p. 291 Bertie Co: WILLIAM ASHBURN of Bertie Co. to GEORGE PETER ZELLNER . 18 Nov. 1788 50 pounds (no acres) (messuage) joining Spring Branch, Ryan, Wm Ashley. Wit: JOHN NICHOLLS, REUBEN KNIGHT. Nov Ct 1788. William Ashburn was married to Frances Rasor. Two of Frances Rasor Ashburn's sisters married Capeharts. Reuben Knight was another one of John Nicholl's sons in law. He married Mary Nicholls (sister to Elizabeth). Mary Nicholl's first husband was Thomas Webb (grandfather of the Lorenzo Stephenson Webb mentioned above in connection with the prayer book) >From 1788-1800 GPZ was a buyer at three vendues: the estates of the following: Hardy Hunter (1794), Wm Jordan(1790) and John Nicholls (1791) Hope this hasn't confused everyone too much. ----------------------------------- Nicholls, John (I1227)
53 1784 Spanish Census: Charles Jrifo - males 3 (1-15), 1(15-50) females 1(1-15), 1(15-50) Trefoe, Charles (I3120)
54 1788 Land Sale Truffo, Phillipina to Jacob Monsanto Vol B Pg 192 Will of Phillipina Buckley dated 18??. The will was written but since the dates was left blank it was probobly never used. In the name of God Amen, I Philippina Buckley of the County of Jefferson, Mississippi Territory, calling to mind the uncertanty of this mortal life and that it is ordained for all men once to die being of advanced age, weak and infirm in body, but of a sound disposing mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for all his mercies, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say, First I give and devise unto my three children Charles Trefoe, Michael Trefoe and Mary Frederic all that Tract of Land whereon I now live containing six hundred and forty acres be the same more or less and for which I have laid in my claim with the Board of Commisioners appiointed to decide on the landed claims in said Territory west of Pearl River to be equally divided between my said three children, respect being duly had to the quanity and quality of the said tract to hold them the said Charles Trefoe, Michael Trefoe and Mary Frederick, thier heirs and assigns forever. Item, I give and bequeath unto my afore said named Michael Trefoe the ane half of all my stock of Cattle. Item, I give and bequeath unto my grandchild Elizabeth Frederick, Daughter of said Mary, the one other half of my said stock of Cattle Item, it is my Will that my body be decently intered at the joint expense of my son Michael and Daughter Mary. Item, I give and to my said Daughter Mary Frederick all my wearing appearal and Lastly I do hearby constitute and appoint Jacob Stamply and Robert Miller my Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and disanulling all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this _______ Day of _____ in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight hundred and _______ (sighed) Phillipina A Buckley (hard to read middle and last name) Signed sealed and published and declared by the above named Philippina Buckley to be her last Will & Testament in the presence of us who have here unto set our named as Witnesses in the presence of the testor Daniel Harrigil [Trefoe], Philippina (I3122)
55 1802: MS Early Census Index for Charles & Mikel 1802: Trefoe, Charles; County/State: Mississippi Terr., MS; Page #: 17? Year: 1802; Petition List March 20, 1804: No 796. Claimant: Charles Trefoe, Mar 20, 1804. Witness: Robt. White Land claim in Jefferson Co., Mississippi Territory dated March 20, 1804 (Unrecorded Land Claims Pg. 526). 1805: MS 1805 Jefferson & Wilkinson Cos. Pg 4 Jefferson Co for FREEFO or TREEFO, CHARLES 7 Feb 1805 Jefferson Co Marriages, Book 1, p. 5, --John Gray to Mary Frederick. 29 Jun 1807 Jefferson Co Deed, Book A, p. 133, --Anthony Hamberlin to Michael Trefoe. 1807: In 1807 Charles and Micheal Trefoe are listed as privates in Fitzpatrick Reg't, Mississippi Militia. Dec 19, 1806: Land Survey of 100 Acres to include the improvements, Jefferson County Miss Terr. Dec. 29, 1806: Certificate D-298, Dec. 29, 1806. Miss Ter., Jefferson Co., Charles Trefoe claims the right of preference of becoming the purchaser of the United States of 320 acres in Jefferson County on the waters of Cole's Creek by virtue of his inhabiting and cultivating it in March 1803 and ever since. 1810: 1810 Mississippi Territorial Census, Jefferson Co 1812: April 9, Jane Trefoe Born (Meady Bozeman Bible) 1812: War of 1812, Trepho, Michael, private in 7th Regiment (Perkins Battalion) Miss. Militia. War of 1812, Trefoe, Michael, private in Lt. Col. Nixon's Regiment Miss. Militia War of 1812, Trefox, Charles, private in Col. Claiborne's Regiment Miss. Militia. 1812-1821 Jefferson Co Court Minutes of 1804-1831, p. 27--Court order of letters of administration for Michael Trefoe be granted to Charles Trefoe. 1812-1821 Jefferson Co Court Minutes of 1804-1831, p. 37--Court order that "further time until next term of this court be allowed the administration of the estate of Charles Trefoe, dec'd to render inventory of said estate." Two things here. First, Notice the mistake in naming Charles, not Michael, as the deceased. Second, there was no follow-up in the next or succeeding sessions on this action. There also was no probate inventory or sales in the probate record for Michael. For some reason the case seems to have been dropped unless the papers were filed elsewhere. 1816: Charles Trefoe is listed on the 1816 Jefferson Co., Mississippi Tax Records. 18 Apr 1826 Jefferson Co Marriages, Book 1, p. 235, --John P. Hopkins to Mary Trefoe May 1, 1827: Stephen Trefoe Land Patent 160 acres in Dristrict of Chactow 1820: 1820 Census of Jefferson Co Mississippi 3,1,0,0,1,0,3,2,0,1,0,0 18 Jan 1824 Jefferson Co Deed, Book A, p. 326, --Charles Trefoe to Henry Plattner 21 Apr 1825 Jefferson Co Deed, Book A, pp. 392-393, --William Harper to Charles Trefoe 21 Jun 1828 Jefferson Co Marriages, Book 2, p. 14, --Richard Barefield to Nancy Trefoe. 1830: 1830 Census of Jefferson Co Mississippi 0110100010000,01110010000 16 Nov 1832 Jefferson Co Deed, Book B, p. 621, --Charles Treefore and wife (Barbary) to Samuel Scott. Jeff Co Feb 10 1840: Charles Trefoe of Hinds Co. 40 acres in Hinds Co 1840: 1840 Census Hinds County Mississippi 1841: 1841 State Census, Hinds County 1845: 1845 State Census, Hinds County Possible Father: In (?) there is a mention of Charles Troufleau b. 1766; Jacques, Joseph (Brothers); Francoise Troufleau (Mother); Jacque Chapran (Uncle); Marie Etaunard (Aunt); Marie Etaunard (Grandmother) 1784: Spanish Census: Charles Trifo 3 sons under 15, 1 male 15-50, 1 daughter under 15, 1 female 15-50 Siblings: Michael, Mary (From Will of Philippina Buckley Mother: Jefferson Co Chancery Court Packet #A-119--Probate of William Hamberlin involving Philipina. (11 pages). 1788: Adams Co Deed: Truffo, Philipina to Jacob Monsanto yr 1788 bk B pg 192 1803?: Will of Philipina Buckley Jefferson Co Miss. In the name of God Amen. I Philippina Buckley of the County of Jefferson Mississippi Territory calling to mind the uncertainty of this mortal life and that it is ordained for all Men once To die, being of advanced age, weak and infirm In Body, but sound disposing Mind and Memories Blessed be almighty God for all his Mercies Do make and publish this my last Will and Testament , in manner and form following that is to say, First I give and devise unto my three children: Charles Trefoe, Michael Trefoe and Mary Fredrick all that tract of land whereon I now live containing Six hundred and forty acres be the same more or less, and for which I have laid in my claim with the Board of Commissioners appointed to decide on the landed claims in the said territory west of the Pearl River to be Equally divided between my said three children, respect being duly had to the (quantity or quarterly) And quality of the said tract to hold to them the said Charles Trefoe, Michael Trefoe and Mary Fredrick Their heirs and assigns forever. Item. I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid son, Michael Trefoe, the one half of all my stock of cattle. Item. I give and bequeath to my aforesaid Michael Trefoe the one half of all my stock of cattle. Item . I give and bequeath unto my grandchild Elizabeth Fredrick, Daughter of said Mary, the other half of all my said stock of cattle. Item. It is my Will that my body be decently interred at the joint expense of my son Michael and daughter Mary. Item. I give to my said daughter Mary Fredrick all my wearing apparel and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint Jacob Stampley and Robert Miller my Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking and disannulling all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this _____day of _____ In the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and ______________ Signed Sealed Published And Declared by the above named Philippina Buckley to be her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto set our names as Witnesses in the presence of the Testor Daniel Horrigil Possible children: 18 Apr 1826 Jefferson Co Marriages, Book 1, p. 235, --John P. Hopkins to Mary Trefoe 21 Jun 1828 Jefferson Co Marriages, Book 2, p. 14, --Richard Barefield to Nancy Trefoe. 01 Sept 1846 Hinds Co Mississippi Louisa A. Trefoe to Elias B. Thompson 22 October 1848 Hinds Co Mississippi Amanda Trefoe to W. P. Mills 12 Feb 1845 James Trefoe m. Amanda Thompson in Claiborne Co., Miss. on Jane Trefau m. Meady Bozeman in Hinds Co., Miss in 1839 James Trefoe, Estate Notice, Dec 1846 term, Probate Court, Hinds Co., Miss R.O.Edwards, Admr. Raymond Gazette, Jan 8 1847 Wm J Trefoe, Estate Notice, Dec 1846 term, Probate Court, Hinds Co., Miss Joel H Brooks, Admr. Raymond Gazette, Jan 8 1847 Stephen Trefoe Land Patent 160 acres in District of Choctaw May 1, 1827: William J Trefoe (born 1815) married a Louisa A. Daniel 15 NOV 1840 Hinds, Mississippi (IGI Index) Other Trefoe's Octavia Trefoe 4years Female died of Fever in Jan 1850 Mortality in Hinds Co Ms From Meday Bozeman Bible 1829: Jane Trefoe born April 9, 1812 Letter dated April 26, 1968 from Mrs E.H. Berryhill 537 E. Howard, Biloxi, Miss stated old family naotes in her possesion stated the mother of Jane Trefoe was Nancy Roberts, a sisiter of James, william, Issac, Jane Roberts Hamilton and Betsey Roberts Nevel LDS IGI Individual Record Charles Trefoe (born About 1778 in Jefferson, Mississippi) Married abt 1802 in Jeff Co MS Nancy Roberts (born About 1780 Natchez Dist Philipinna Trefoe married between 1788 and circa 1810: William Hamberlin ? White ? Buckley (or Beckley ect ) Jefferson County Orphan Court Minutes, as follows: July 1811, p. 125. Ordered that John Willis (?), Thomas Hinds, Robert White, Michael Trefoe and John Wells be appointed a jury to view and mark out the nearest and best way for a road from Greenville (in Jefferson County) to Thomas Hinds branch. August 1814, p. 187. Mary Gray, widow of John Gray applied for letters of adm. Jan. 1813, p. 154. Ordered that James Dunbar, John Wells and James Folks be appointed commissioners to allot and lay off to Philpena White her dower as widow of William Hamberlin, dec'd and make return thereof to the next term of this court. July 1813, p. 161. Ordered that the return of commissioners appointed to allot and lay off to Philpena White her dower as widow of William Hamberlaine, dec'd. be received and recorded. Apr. 1815, p. 27. Letters of Administration on estate of Michael Trefoe, dec., be granted to Charles Trefoe with James and Wm. Roberts his securities. Jan. 1824. 7. 71. Mary Gray, adm of estate of John Gray granted further time. 1. Mortality record of Octavia Trefoe, 4, b. Miss., d. January of congestive fever. Duration of the disease was 2 days. 2. Deed, Vol. 9, p. 114, 1 Feb 1838 between Stephen Trefoe and Charles Trefoe. 3. Deed, Vol. 10, p. 200, 15 May 1838 between Perry Mc D Collins and Charles Trefoe. 4. Deed, Vol. 16, pp. 568-569, 15 Mar 1844 between Charles Trefoe and Barbara, his wife, and William J. Trefoe. 5. Deed, Vol. 17, pp. 305-306, 9 Dec 1844 between William J. Trefoe and Louisa A., his wife, and James Trefoe. 6. Deed, Vol. 17, pp. 367-368, 1 Jul 1845 between James Trefoe and Joseph L. Gray and wife. 7. Deed, Vol. 23, pp. 611-612, 6 Feb 1855 between Charles Triesfus and Elias Bloom and wife. (I believe this last one, though the spelling is not right, could be your man. 8. Marriage license of William J. Trefoe and Louisa A. Daniel in November of 1843. 9. Marriage license of Louisa A. Trefoe and Elias B. Thompson in December of 1846. The other marriage licenses of Trefoes were missing on the film. I did get other marriages which involved Trefoes however. They were: Medaz Bozeman to Jane Trefoe on 26 Oct 1836 with Henry Smith bondsman. Levi N. Thompson to Nancy Barefield on 8 Dec 1841 with William J. Trefoe bondsman. William J. Trefoe to Louisa A. Daniel on 15 Nov 1843 with Hiram G. Roberts bondsman. William B. Hamberlin to Mary McAlpin on 28 Jan 1846 with James Trefoe bondsman. Elias B. Thompson to Louisa A. Trefoe on 1 Sep 1846 (date does not match with marriage license above) with James Trefoe bondsman. W (ashington) P. Mills to Amanda Trefoe on 22 Oct 1848 with Bird Williams bondsman. 10. Probate record of William J. Trefoe, Dec 1846 court term. Said he died in January 1844 (prob. 1845). Besides wife, left three other heirs, H.E. Trefoe, N. Thompson, wife of Levi Thompson, and E. (L.) A. Thompson, "wife of relect." (miscounted heirs.) Also said he had land in Texas. 11. Probate of James Trefoe, 1846. Died in Summer of 1846. His estate was divided between his widow, Amanda, and only child, Octavia J. Trefoe. In two years, Amanda remarried to Washington/Wadlington P. Mills who was made guardian over Octavia J. 12. Chancery Court, March 1848. The Mills tried to get the court to give Octavia's part of the estate to them for her care. She then died a year later and the filing was moot. 13. Chancery Court, Vol. 1, p. 126-127, William J. Trefoe is made Justice of the Peace for Hinds County 12 Nov 1841. These are the records I was able to find and copy in Hinds County. From what I was able to find and from what little I know about the family, I would surmise the following. The Trefoes came to Hinds County by 1836 when Jane was married. Those with the Trefoe name were either dead or left by 1855, the last record of the name. Charles remains an enigma. He does not show up on the 1841, 1845 or 1850 census. He and Barbara may have been living with one of the children in 1841 and 1845 but where is he in 1850 if that is he "of Hinds County" in the land transaction in 1855. Maybe he was left off the census index or his name was transcribed completely wrong (like making the "T" an "F" or an "L" or whatever). I did look 20 pages before and 20 pages after W.P. Mills entry in the census hoping he might be close. No luck. It may take a page by page search for him in the Hinds census of 1850. On a hunch, I looked in the 1850 Texas index under several spellings thinking he may have gone there and that is why William J. Trefoe had land there. No luck. It is evident, however, he did not die in Hinds County. There were no probate records at all on him. He had to have died in another county. In a letter dated April 26 1968 from Mrs E.H. Berryhill, 537 E. Howard Trefoe, Charles (I984)
56 1807 Ga Land Lottery Henry Nicholls, 2 draws, Lot No. 60, District No. 11 & 24, in Wilkinson Co., Ga
Jan 19 1810, Henry Nichols and wife Nelly sold 202 1/2 acres located in Wilkinson Co, GA to Robert Burton in Effingham Co. GA
Oct 1 1823, Henry Bought 80 acres [ ESW Sec 28/ Township 8-N Range 4-E from the government for land in Jefferson Co, MS

We know that Henry Nichols was born in North Carolina from Census reports of his children that list him from there. What we dont know is how and when he came to Georgia from North Carolina.
The fist possible record we have of him in Georgia is in the records of the 1805 Land Lottery. It list him residing in Effingham Co. The second record is a passport issued to him in March of 1810 to go through the Creek Nation.
Henry is listed in 1816 Tax Records of Franklin Co., Mississippi.We next find him in Jefferson Co., Mississippi in the 1820 Census.
In 1830 he is located in Hinds Co., Mississippi, Henry Nichols is listed as Head of Household with 8 people living in the house.

Will of Henry Nichols
In the name of God, Amen. I Henry Nichols Senr of the State of Mississippi and Hinds County, being weak in body, but perfect in mind and memory, blessed be Almighty Gad for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following,
First I wish about one half of the stock of cattle and sheep be sold.
Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my three grandchildren, Weldford D. Sims, Martha Ann and Mary Ann Sims, one two year old heifer each.
And Lastly, as to all the rest and residue and remainder of my estate, both real as well as personal of what kind and nature soever, I wish to be kept together until my youngest child, Ellender, becomes of age with the exception of five cows and calves that I give and bequeath to my son William.
It is also my wish that when my youngest child becomes of age that all the property be equally divided between my heirs, with the exception of property that has been received by Robert J Sims and Jacob Lott of which there is a list enclosed. I do hereby appoint my son William Nichols and Joshua Howard, Executors to this my Last Will and Testament.
Signed and Sealed published and declared by the above named Henry Nichols to be his last will and testament in the oresents of us who at his request have here unto subscribed our names as witnesses this 4th Jany 1833
Henry X Nichols Senr.
Robert J Sims
Joshua Howard


HENRY NICHOLS b 1730; m Hannah ?
ISAAC NICHOLS b ?; m Elizabeth ?
HENRY NICHOLS b 1833; m Elender ?

sources: every tidbit of data on the Nichols line was taked from a series of wills for GA and SC and one lawsuit over inheritance.
Nichols, Sr Henry (I824)
57 1820 Cansus Lancaster Co SC: Males: (2)0-9, (1) 10-15, (1) 26-44, (1)45+ FeMales: (2)10-15, (1) 45+ Knight, Joseph (I2994)
58 1820 Census, Lawrence Co., MS, Page #65; Jesse Wilson; Males; 2-up to 10, 3-10 to 16, 1-16-18, 1-18 to 26, 2-26 to 45, 1-45 and up; Females; 1-10 to 16, 1-16 to 26; This could be the family of our Elizabeth (Cook) Wilson, but if the birth date we have for her is correct she would be approximately 42 yrs old and probably deceased at this census time, some of the children could be her's, ages up to 21 from marriage date of 1799. The 2 males 26-45 would not be eligible for her children, have no idea who they could be. I would assume that the male of 45 and up is Jessie Wilson. Cook, Elizabeth (I828)
59 1850 Census, Tennessee, BRADLEY, Roll 871 Book 1, Page 216b shows: Jesse Bedwell, 29, a farmer; Dorcus, 25; Luvistina (?), female, 8; William, 6; Pleasant, 4; and Martha, 2. Jesse and Dorcus are shown as adults who are unable to read or write. They do not own real estate, but are right next to Caleb Bedwell, who does. 1860 Census for McMinn County, Tennessee, taken July 1860, shows Jesse Bidwell, 45, a farmer who owns $500 in real estate and $300 in personal assets, as head of this household: Dorcas, 40; Quintina, 15; William A. (or H.), 15; Pleasant, 13; Martha Jane, 10; Minerva, 6; and Sarah A., 3. Jesse and Dorcas are shown as unable to read or write. Quintina, William and Martha Jane are shown as having attended school that year. All were born in Tennessee. 1870 Census for District 17, McMinn County, Tennessee, taken Aug 1870, shows Jesse Bedwell, 50, a farmer with $500 in real estate and $500 in personal assets, as head of household consisting of: Darcas, 43; Quintina, 26; William, 21; Minerva, 17; Sarah, 14; Violenia, 12; Jesse, 6; and Lucinda, 4. All were born in Tennessee. Everyone except Quintina is shown as unable to read or write. 1880 Census for District 17, McMinn County, Tennessee, taken in June 1880, shows Jesse Bedwell, 63, a farmer, as head of household with: wife Dorcas, 54; daughter Minerva, 25; daughter Vilena M., 17; son Jessie, 16; daughter Lucinda, 13; granddaughter Quintina, 6/12; and granddaughter Alice L., 6. All are listed as unable to read or write. Bedwell, Jessie B (I1335)
60 1860 Randolph Co, Sterling Vice Vice, George Alexander (I1731)
61 1900 cleburne Pearl Haze Hayes, Othellia Pearl (I338)
62 20 October 1997: Information provided by Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams, Brand of Samuel Cook was recorded as [ SC], Registered, August 16, 1783; Liberty Co., GA. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Cook, Samuel (I1621)
63 20 October 1997: Meady Bozeman purchased Bible copyright date 1829: Bible was kept by widow Jane Trefoe-Bozeman-Brooks, and is still in possession of Brooks family in Arkansas. In 1968-Mrs L.B. Handley Sr; Monticello, Arkansas 71655. Recorded as reported by Diana Williams; by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick. June 2002: Found on Ancestry.com census, Internet: 1830 Census Hinds Co MS, Page 224a: Meady Boseman, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30; Copy of census in my possession, Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Bozeman, Meady (I2701)
64 20 October 1997: Per information received from Diana Williams; Margaret Hawthorne, could be the daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Liberty Co., Georgia, Deed Records 14 October 1782; Deed of gift from Nathaniel Hawthorne to beloved grand children: Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth and Nancy, children of James and Peggy Cook. To each one a cow and calf. Witness: Stephen Hawthorne, Bartholomew Farrar.

Brand of above Samuel Cook was also recorded as S.C. Registered 16 August 1783.

8 April 1797: Jurors: Nathaniel Hawthorne & James Cook.
7 June 1797: Jurors: John Hawthorne, William Osteen, and Alexander Wilson.
Annals of Liberty Co., GA: 1794 appraisement of estate of Nathaniel Hawthorne.
11 December 1802; Bryan Co., GA; James Cook witness

1820: There is a Margaret Cook listed as [HH] on page 5 of the 1820 Census of Jefferson Co. Mississippi, listed with her are, 2 males 16-26 yrs; 1 female over 45yrs. This is more than likely Our Margaret (Hawthorne) Cook, the 2 males 16-26 years old being her sons David who did not marry until 1821, and Henry who did not marry until 1825. The next household is (Abel?/Able) Cook with 1 male 16-26 years old and 1 female 16-18 years old, believed to be her other son who married Rebecca Patterson, 5 Dec 1816 in Jefferson Co., MS.
Hawthorne, Margaret (I1619)
65 20 October 1997: Reported by, Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams, Dallas, Texas, Source Notes for; Simon Osteen: Hinds Co., MS.,Will Book 1, page 39; dated 13 April 1849; proved 11 March 1854. Wit: S.S. Green, M.S. Green, A.R. Green. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick. Osteen, Simon (I2706)
66 22 October 1848 Hinds Co Mississippi Amanda Trefoe to W. P. Mills Thompson, Amanda (I1987)
67 24 March 1997: Received a phone call today from Dorothy Rawlings of Houston, TX, saying she is a descendant of Henry Cook, and gave me his name, as the Father of my Great Grandfather William and her Great Grandmother Rebecca. She found my name in the Navarro Co., Gen. Soc. journal, where I had posted an inquiry for information about descendants of William and Cyntha Ann Nally-Cook. Dorothy had found much of her information from the book "First Families of TEXAS", by Steven F. Austin, which notes that Henry, his wife Mary and family arrived in TX, in 1831 from Mississippi, apparently settling in the Navarro Co., area. She gave me names of some of their children. Also gave me the name of Roy & Marolyn Armstrong; Roy is also a descendant, and has much, much more information on this family. 17 April 1997: Information received from Dorothy Lee Hines-Rawlings, she reports as follows: " Mary & Henry came to Texas with 3 children, Nancy, William, & James as a part of Stephen F. Austin first settlers. They are listed in "Stephen F. Austin's Register of First Settlers". 1850 Census records show that Nancy, William and James were born in Mississippi. They lived in the community of Dresden, just south of Blooming Grove. May 1997: Received from Marolyn Ilene Young-Armstrong, a copy of "Notes and Biographical Sketches of Navarro Co., TX. Information about Henry and Mary's early times in Texas, listing their children, and who they married. Other information includes, " Henry patented the Claiborn Jarrell 640 -acre 3rd Class survey 28 August 1854. Alex Beaton patented James Cook's 3rd Class 320 acre survey, 15 May 1852. Besides Henry Cook on 1845 Robertson Co., Tax Roll, there were: Wilds K(olb?) Cook, William Cook, James B Cook, and Columbus Cook, the latter probably (Columbus T.C. Cook) who married Mary Marlin, 10 August 1844. The Marlins, Menefees, Sutherlands, Morgans and Suttons were interrelated . By 1846 Wilds K Cook, C.T.C. Cook, I.H.W. Cook, James B. Cook and Mrs Mary Cook were in Limestone Co., Tax Roll and so were some of the Marlins and Menefees. The surveys of Isaac W.H.Cook and Newton Cook are located in Navarro Co., were patented by someone else. Newton Cook married 24 June 1841 Ruthy Pruett. We believe that the Cook families of Robertson and Limestone Co., were related to Henry Cook of Navarro Co., [Refs: Robertson Co., Tax Roll: S& B: Robertson Co., Marriages: Navarro Co., Marriages: Navarro Co., Probate Records: Limestone Co., Tax Roll]." Article published by Historical or Genealogy Society of Navarro County, TX. 4 July 1997: From the Inquiry I Posted to the Internet on the COOK LIST, regarding my search for information about descendants and ancestors of Henry Cook, received response from Diana M Williams. Diana thought that we were connected to her James Cook Family. After much research and discussion with other Cousins that were also researching Henry's Family, on 30 September 1997, we discovered that indeed we are connected by finding Family of Henry's first Wife, Mary Polly Goodson, unknown until this time. Diana is descended from Henry's older sister Nancy Cook-Bozeman-Osteen. Have received information of Henry's Father James Cook and Family, see Family Page. 1 August 1997: Marolyn Ilene Young-Armstrong called this evening, with more information on Henry; from the book, "Daughters of the Texas Republic", Submitter, GGGranddaughter Peggy Jean Sparkman-Monroe, #19113, she is a descendant of Henry and Mary Polly Goodson-Cook's youngest son/child, George Washington and Mary Scott-Cook. She will send copies next week. 20 August 1997: Marolyn called, she has located member of Henry's 2nd family, Shirley Anne Myers-Strasburger, granddaughter of Laney Ann Cook-Myers, 2nd child of Henry and Effie Jane McPhaul -Prosser-Cook. 11 September 1997: Received from Shirley Ann Strasburger. Full Family Group Outline, of Henry Cook's 2nd family, a historical time line narrative, written in 1979, constructed from Family Bible records, legal documents, deeds and other research that she has been doing for some time. 12 September 1997: From copies of records received from Marolyn Ilene Young-Armstrong and Shirley Anne Myers-Strasburger, they obtained at the Texas State Archives, Austin, TX, regarding Military Service of Henry Cook, taken from those records: " Muster roll, of Company of Rangers, (formerly commanded by Sterling C. Robertson), under the Command of Capt. Boales, for four (4) months service, from 11 Sept. 1836, with the Rank of Private. Signed 29 March 1838, by Colin Boales." 2 October 1997: Received from Robert Dewey Taylor who is researching the Goodson Family, confirmation of maiden name of Mary, first wife of Henry as that of "Mary (Polly) Goodson, daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Unknown." Land and Probate records show Henry as having land in Hinds Co., Mississippi, and being named and Acting as Administrator of Will for John Slaughter, Mary Polly's brother in-law. Years represented by those documents are 1828 through 1832 in Hinds Co., MS. Chronological History of Henry Cook: 1801: Effingham Co., GA; Born 20 May 1801. [ Per Census/legal documents representing his family, and Family Tradition]. 1812: Jefferson Co., Mississippi; Named as Son, in Will of James Cook, 11 November 1812, living in Jefferson Co., Mississippi Territory, formerly of Effingham Co., GA, "land spoken of in Will being situated in Effingham Co., GA. [ Copy received from Diana Williams]. 1825: Franklin Co., Mississippi; Married "Polly" Goodson, believed to be Mary "Polly" Goodson 8 January 1825. (Per Marriage records] 1826/1828: [Hinds Co., Mississippi ?] Record showing Land in the name of Henry Cook, dated 13 November 1826 and 8 November 1828. [Copy received from Robert Taylor] 1828: Hinds Co., Mississippi; On 25 February 1825, Named as Executor/Administrator of Last Will and Testament of "John Slaughter", husband of Rhoda Goodson-Slaughter , older sister of his wife, Mary Polly Goodson-Cook. Witnessed by Honorable Judge W (NesSmith?) ESQ. Probate Judge for the Orphans Court of Hinds Co., MS, and William Goodson and William L (Avick or Arick), Orphans Court page 149, J.R. Enloe, (Registrar?). 1829: Hinds Co., Mississippi; 7 March 1829 Deed witnessed by Stephen Holt J.P., selling property located at Section 25 of Township 6 Range 4 West, the west half of described tract by a ? division from south to north containing forty acres more or less, in Hinds Co., MS, to Rhoda Goodson-Slaughter and her children, the heirs of John Slaughter, Deceased; Signed by both Henry and Mary Cook. Recorded on 22 April 1829. 1829: Hinds Co., Mississippi, Receipt #32: Recorded on page 191, signed by (M/TW Boica?) Clerk; from Henry Cook "All of the Goods chattels personal Estate of John Slaughter. Signed by Rhoda Slaughter (by her + Mark) 25 May 1829." 1832: Hinds Co., Mississippi, 23 April 1832, Annual Settlement in the Estate of John Slaughter, Dec'd Filed by Rhoda Goodson-Slaughter, Recorded in Inventory Docket page 352, July Term of County Court; Lists two disbursements made to Henry Cook, on 2 occasions (no dates) in the amount of [#1.] $70.00 and [#2.] $30.00. 1836: Exact name of Area that Henry Cook Family was living in is Unknown: Reported as having served in the Army of the Republic of Texas, 4 July 1836 to 4 October 1836, recorded in Records of Republic of Texas, Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas, copies of this document in my possession. 1840: Whereabouts of Henry Cook Family, on this date, unknown with any certainty: 1845: Robertson County, Texas: Listed on the Robertson Co., Tax Roll (probably lived in present Navarro Co., portion); per "Old Northwest Texas, Vol 1-B, Navarro county, 1846-1860". 1846: Navarro County, TX: 17 August 1846: First recorded Cattle Brand of Navarro Co., TX. Recorded as [JHC] with ear marks that I cannot describe with certainty. Listed on Tax Rolls of Navarro Co., TX. Per Court Records from Navarro Co., TX. 1847: Navarro Co., Texas: Taxed for 4 Surveys in Navarro Co., also owned land in Milam Co., TX. From "Old Northwest Texas, Vol 1-B, Navarro Co., TX, 1846-1860; page 402". 1848: Navarro Co., Texas; Taxed for 854 acre Knott & Ramsey Survey located near Dresden, Navarro Co., TX. "Old Northwest Texas, Vol 1-B, Navarro co., TX, 1846-1860; page 402". 1850 Census, Navarro Co., Texas; enumerated on 8 Oct 1850, page # not listed, copy of census in my possession. He was also taxed for portions of Joseph Knott, J.A. Ramsey, W.J.French, W.Myrick and Leakey Surveys, He probably lived on Knott Survey in the Dresden, Navarro Co., TX area. (Per Old Northwest Texas, Vol 1-B; Navarro County 1846-1860; page 402]. 1860: Navarro Co., Texas; Listed with his Family on 1860 U S Census of Navarro Co., TX, Dresden P.O. enumerated 12 August 1860, page 86, copy in my possession. 1870: Not found on Census, of Navarro Co., Texas, but did remarry, to Mrs Effie Jane McPhaul- Prosser: 29 June 1870 , Navarro County Marriage License, and Certificate of Marriage, signed by J.S.M Shigog, J.P.: 14 October 1874, Approved for "Bounty Warrant and Pension of $250.00" Served in Army of Republic of Texas, for 3 months in 1836. (Per records from Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas, copies in my possession) 1880: Navarro Co., Texas; Listed with his 2nd Family on 1880 USCensus, Enumeration # 125, house # 124, page 17, 7 June, 1880. Listing wife E.J., and children; 2 males H.D, and A.B., 2 females L.A. and E.J. , Mother in-law, S.J. Newberry, and (mistakenly listed as son, was indeed his grandson) David Thomas Cook, (should read Thomas David Cook)., and 32 year old daughter Sarah F Cook, listed as " Idiot". Copy of this census in my possession. 1880 Census Place: District 135, Navarro, Texas Source: FHL Film 1255321 National Archives Film T9-1321 Page 437B Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace Henry COOK Self M M W 79 GA Occ:Farmer Fa: NC Mo: AL E. J. COOK Wife F M W 43 MS Occ: House Keeper Fa: NC Mo: NC H. D. COOK Son M S W 9 TX Fa: GA Mo: MS L. A. COOK Dau F S W 7 TX Fa: GA Mo: MS A. B. COOK Son M S W 5 TX Fa: GA Mo: MS E. J. COOK Dau F S W 1 TX Fa: GA Mo: MS S. J. NEWBERRY MotherL F M W 78 NC Fa: SCOT Mo: MD Sarah COOK Dau F S W 32 TX Fa: NC Mo: MD Thoms. David COOK Son M W 20 TX Occ:Farmer Fa: NC Mo: MD 1883: Probably living in Navarro County, Texas:Youngest daughter of Henry Cook and Effie Jane McPhaul-Cook, Sallie Mae Cook, born 1 May 1882, location assumed to be in Navarro Co., Texas. Henry Cook, Died 14 May 1883, Birth and Death dates were reported in Family Records, kept by Aunts of Shirley Anne Myers-Strasburger, " Zula B.[?] and Eleanor [?], and her Cousin Maxine", copies of family records in my possession. Burial location Unknown at this time: Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Cook, Henry (I1647)
68 25 August 1997: 1820 census provided by Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams; 1820 Census of Franklin Co., MS: Peter Hawthorne, 1 male under age 10 yrs; 1 male 10-16 yrs; 1 male 26-46 yrs; 4 females under 10 yrs; 1 female 16-26 yrs; 1 female 26-45ys; Possibly our Peter and Margaret (Cook)Hawthorn/e Family? Copy of census in my possession, Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick June 2002: Found on Ancestry.com census, Internet: 1830 Census Hinds Co MS, Page 201a: Peter Hawthorn, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 50-60, 2 females 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 50-60; Possibly our Margaret (Cook) and Peter Hawthorn/e Family? Copy of census in my possession, Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Cook, Margaret (I1646)
69 25 August 1997: Information provided by Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams: A Jesse Wison found on Lawrence Co., MS Census of 1820, listed as ( HH; 1, male age 16-18 years old, and 1, female age 16-26 years old). Diana states that this could be Son of Jesse Sr and Elizabeth Cook-Wilson, as they would have been married 24 years, according to Marriage Records of Effingham Co., GA. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick November 1997: Information obtained from page 42; Unfinished Book about the Goodson Family, being compiled by Robert Dewey Taylor; Lawrence County, Mississippi Court records indicate that on March 1, 1815 that Jesse Wilson was one of five County Commissioners, appointed by an Act of the State Legislature; Others included were Benjamin Goodson, Stephen Price, Henry Smith and James Stigler. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-wyrick Wilson, Jessie (I2704)
70 25 July 2010
Alma L. 'Jackie' Bedwell

Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. today at Crestwood Memorial Chapel for Mrs. Alma L. "Jackie" Bedwell, 85, Southside, who died Thursday, July 22, 2010. The Revs. Bob Thorton, Bill Drummons and Lauil Thompson will officiate. Burial will be at Crestwood Memorial Cemetery. Crestwood Memorial Funeral Home will direct.
Mrs. Bedwell was born in Cherokee County but resided most of her life in Etowah County. She was an active member and the librarian at Southside Baptist Church. One of her proudest accomplishments was starting the library at John S. Jones Elementary School in 1964. She was a wonderful wife, mother and "Nanny" to her family. She enjoyed teaching all of her grandchildren to swim and loved to entertain her church choir, family and Western Hills neighborhood.
She was preceded in death by her mother and father, Solomon Luther Payne Sr. and Evie Beatrice Tucker Payne.
She is survived by her loving husband of 65 years, Junior L. Bedwell; children, Bruce (Melissa) Bedwell and April (Ed) Stone; grandchildren, Brandi (Brian) Winningham, Holley (Alan) Smedley, Amy Jane Bedwell, John (Kristen) Bedwell, Beth Stone, Beverly (Alan) Neal and Brooke (Michael) Damian; great-grandchildren, Carly Winningham, Austin Winningham, Ashleigh Winningham, Allysa Smedley, Chloe Smedley, Aubrey Bedwell, Bailee Neal and Parker Damian; and sisters, Mildred Singleton and Sara Snead.
Pallbearers will be Alan Neal, Michael Damian, Brian Winningham, Alan Smedley, Jeff Bedwell and Andrew Bedwell.
Honorary pallbearers will be Lawley Drug and Hospice Care.
Special thanks to Tammy Haney, Tammy Cox and Kelly Rampy.
The family will receive friends from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. today at Crestwood Memorial Funeral Home.
Payne, Jackie Lounel (I2413)
71 26th Arkansas Infantry. Company A. Organized in Drew County and enrolled in Confederate service at Monticello on May 3, 1862, for three years or the duration of the war.
Nichols, Reuben J - Private?Enlisted at Monticello, Arkansas, May 3, 1862; present through February 29, 1864.
Nichols, Reuben J (I37)
72 3 November 1997: Margaret Bozeman, fifth and last child of Howell Bozeman and Nancy Cook, born 16 February 1813, in Jefferson Co., MS, died 19 February 1847, in Hinds Co., MS. Margaret married William Roberts, 13 December 1832 in Hinds Co., MS, this couple had five children, see family page. After Margaret's death in 1847 her husband married second time, 20 April 1848, in Hinds Co., MS; to Margaret's brother's daughter, her Niece, Nancy Jane Bozeman, oldest child of Meady Bozeman and Rachel Sanders, they had six children; see family page. William Roberts and Nancy Jane Bozeman-Roberts left Mississippi, going to the state of Texas. For some reason Margaret is not listed in the (Bozeman Sketches, Vol.-1, Howell Bozeman 1780; by Rev. J.W. Bozeman 1954) Provided by Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams. The above account is my version of this history, written and recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick. Bozeman, Margaret (I1615)
73 31 Aug 1846, Nancy Bundrant of Walton County to Nathaniel Rooks of Jackson, for $150, land on county line between Walton and Jackson. Wit. Daniel N. Cook and Johnson Sims Milsaps. 1 He worked in a gold mine in Bowden, Georgia. It is not in operation now. We were shown were the present owner lives, but were warned that he was old and afraid that people are trying to take it from him. He did not come to the door. 2John had several wives. Our ancestor is Lucinda Brambly who married him 18 Sept. 1834. He married Nancy Rendon or Bundan in 1850. Carroll Co. Ga. Marriages R929.3758 M 179T 3Carroll Co. Ga. Index p.440 says Caroline Ragin m. Alfred Rodgers Nov. 3, 1850. 4 Joseph is our ancestor. 5We do not know who she is. She is almost sure to be kin. In the summer of 1996, we got Nancy 's pension application based on John's war of 1812 service. It gave Nancy's first husband as John Bunderant. Does that mean her maiden name was Rendon? She said that John's wife was Mary M. Is Mary M. the same as Polly M. ? If so, that would mean that the marriage mentioned above of John Ragan and Lucinda Brambley was some other John Ragan and that our ancestor was Mary M. , not Lucinda Brambley. Nancy said that Mary M. Ragan, John's wife died May 04, 1848. anyhow, that is why the family sheet that lists Joseph as a child was left blan k for the wife's name (Was Mary M, Polly Granger, his mother????) Was Polly a nickname for Mary? We also wondered if some of Joseph's siblings listed as Ragan on the 1850 Carrol County , Georgia Census , were actually Nancy's children by her first marriage. We do feel sure that Joseph was a Ragan, because we found his tombstone in Blackland Cemetery in Rockwall County, Texas. [Bundrum], Nancy (I2194)
74 6 August 1998: Information received from Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams: "Able died in Jefferson Co., MS. I have seen his probate. It was the source for the name of his 2nd Wife, Harriet Unknown. The first marriage is recorded in Jefferson Co., but the probate used a different name." Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Subject: Able etc. Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 21:00:53 -0500 From: "Diana M Williams" To: Elnora, I do not know if any of the girls stayed in GA. I thought I had found most of them in the 1810 or 1820 census in MS, but I will have to find those items. As for Able, he died in Jefferson Co. MS. I have seen his probate. It was the source of the 2nd name for a wife. The first mar. is recorded in Jefferson Co., but the probate used a different name. I am not looking this up now. I will look up more of my notes and see what I have forgotten. I have a new thought. The will we have for James has a date on it for when it was written. It was not filed and we have no probate record for it, so we do not really know when he died. You remember that Jefferson had 3 court house fires, the last just about 10 years ago. I had read through several of their microfilmed records. I read them item by item. That is how I found the probate for Able Cook. But there was no probate for James. I will be back with you tomorrow, I hope. Diana [Able Cook 9-3-03-a.FTW] Subject: Able etc. Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 21:00:53 -0500 From: "Diana M Williams" To: Elnora, I do not know if any of the girls stayed in GA. I thought I had found most of them in the 1810 or 1820 census in MS, but I will have to find those items. As for Able, he died in Jefferson Co. MS. I have seen his probate. It was the source of the 2nd name for a wife. The first mar. is recorded in Jefferson Co., but the probate used a different name. I am not looking this up now. I will look up more of my notes and see what I have forgotten. I have a new thought. The will we have for James has a date on it for when it was written. It was not filed and we have no probate record for it, so we do not really know when he died. You remember that Jefferson had 3 court house fires, the last just about 10 years ago. I had read through several of their microfilmed records. I read them item by item. That is how I found the probate for Able Cook. But there was no probate for James. I will be back with you tomorrow, I hope. Diana "Current Date", I cannot find what I did with the documentation for the date of death for Able Cook. Based on the 1830 Census for Jefferson Co., MS, the number of children with the name "Cook" and their possible dates of birth, I cannot determine if all of the children listed for him are truly his children, Also did he really have 2 wives? Could his first wife "Rebecca Patterson" who we have documentation for, infact be "Rebecca Harriet Patterson". EFW 1820 Census Jefferson Co., MS., Pg 157: HH, Abel Cook, 1 Male 16-26 yrs., 1 Female 16-18 yrs. Information provided by Vicki: Peter HAWTHORNE to Harriet COOK March 19, 1826 Jefferson Co., MS. 1830 Census Jefferson Co., MS; Pg 43: HH, Harriat Hawthon, 2 Males 5-10 yrs, 1 Male 10-15, 1 Female under 5 yrs, 1 Female 30-40 yrs. ************************************************** 1840 Census Jefferson Co., MS: No Harriett Hawthorn family found: (But! ????) 1840 Census Jefferson Co., MS; Pg 299: (????) Mrs H.M. Cook, 2 Males 15-20 yrs, 1 Male 20-30 yrs, 1 Female 10-15 yrs, 1 female 40-50 yrs **************************************************** 1850 Census Jefferson Co., MS; Township 8-East; Pg 92, HH# 172/172: H. B/R. Hawthorn, 55, FW, b. NC James Cook, 30, MW, Planter, b. MS J.W. Cook, 25, MW, Planter, b. MS *Mary J. Cook, 19, FW, b. MS *Louisa Cook, 6, FW, b. MS * I suspect the name should read Minerva Jane Hawthorne, daughter of Harriet & Peter Hawthorne.**? EFW *I have no idea who "Louisa Cook" could be unless she is the oldest child of Able Cook's oldest son who might be "John W Cook", the only other Cook listed in Jefferson Co., MS in 1850 Census. Cook, Able (I2702)
75 6 July 1998: Found in records of "Predestinarian Baptist Church", of Jack County, Texas; listing for Effie Jane Cook, on page 6, as an accepted member in good standing of the congregation, pages are torn unreadable date unavailable. The Church dated from the early 1880s in Jack County, Texas. Copy of original records provided by Jean Cadell. Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick >-----Original Message----- From: Shirley Strasburger To: Elnora and John Wyrick (E-mail) Date: Friday, March 23, 2001 3:00 PM Hello, it's been a long time. After reading todays emails I looked again at the Bible pages that I have. Unfortunately, there is only a record of Henry's birth and death dates, no place of burial. Effie died in Childress, Texas but it was about 20 years after Henry. Laney was married at her mother's house which may have been in Blooming Grove in Wise County Texas. Maybe there is something there. I would love to have the CD's you've made with all the proofs. I'll be glad to pay for them. Just let me know what's envolved. Good to hear from you occasionally. Shirley -----Original Message----- From: John & Elnora Wyrick To: Shirley Strasburger Date: Friday, March 23, 2001 6:42 PM Subject: Re: Hi Shirley, So nice to hear from you also. Thanks for the info on Effie Jane, do you have any idea where she is buried or who she was living with when she died?? I didn't know there was a Blooming Grove in Wise County too, Know of course about the one in Navarro Co. Be sure to look at the Predestinarian Baptist Church Records file, for Jack County Church, Effie is listed. I don't remember the dates, she was probably living with some of the children that had moved there. Sorry I can't even tell you which page she is on. I'll get a CD ready to mail by Monday. Love, Elnora -----Original Message----- From: MCPHAULJM@aol.com To: ejwaa@worldnet.att.net Date: Thursday, April 12, 2001 6:12 PM Subject: Effie Jane McPhaul Hello, I have been looking for my McPhaul kin. I found that Effie Jane McPhaul m. Henry Cook. You have Effie Jane b. in Ms. Father unknown McPhaul, and Mother Sarah Jane unknown. I believe that Effie Jane was the daughter of Daniel McPhaul b. in NC and Sarah Jane Smith b. in NC. They were married in NC in 1826. They moved to Ms after 1830. Daniel and Sarah Jane were my GG grandparents. Effie was the sister of my G grandfather, John C. McPhaul. I can't find anything earlier about. Daniel. GG Uncle Charlie McPhaul, a nephew of Effie, wrote in a letter to my father that his Aunt Effie told about her brother Laughlin and a sister, Kate, riding horseback from MS to NC, to visit relatives. I noticed that one of Effie's and Henry's son was named Laughlin D. which was her brother's name. She also had a sister named Sarah Ann. Effie had a brother named William D. McPhaul, who also went to Texas. Do you have any references to him? Also my GGrandfather John had a son named James Cromwell McPhaul. Could this be the James Cromwell who married Laney Ann Cook? How are you related to Henry Cook and Effie? I hope you don't mind my writing to you about Effie, but it sounded so much like my kinfolks that I had to write. Juanita Long McPhaulJM@Aol.Com -----Original Message----- From: KENNETH COOK To: John & Elnora Date: Saturday, April 28, 2001 8:25 PM Subject: Mc Phaul Hi Elnora, Just wanted to let you know I heard from Juanita tonite and she recieved the CD. She found the two McPhaul letters onthe disk and discovered that the first is written to her grandmother and the second was written by her g -grandmother. She is so pleased. Isn't that neat. Also, with reference to the inquiry about Effie Jane's burial site, after hearing bacjk from you I went to the Childress County website requesting information about her burial and within 30 minutes had an email fromSydney Key that she is indeed buried in the Childress Cemetery, Childress, Texas and that her tombstone is inscribed " Mrs. E. J. Cook April 12, 1837 December 28, 1904. She is buried next to a Minnie L Cook February 15, 1881 January25, 1904 Does that last one ring a bell with you? Anyway, her resting place is 430 miles from here and I am going to try to visit her grave and photograph the marker. Will let you know when this happens. The fact that she is buried in Childress makes me think even more that Henry is buried with Polly. Sure wish I had sense enough to find out where. Will close for now, hoping all is well with you. Kenneth Found on 1900 Census Jack Co., TX Dist. #38, pg 14; Listed as #122/122; HH; Effie Cook, WF, April 1837, age 63, Widow, having had 8 children with 6 living, b. MS, Father & Mother b. in NC. Son; Henry Cook, WM, May 1871, age 29, single, b. TX, Father b. GA, Mother b. MS Daughter; Sallie Cook, WF, May 1882, age 12, single, b.TX, Father b.GA, Mother b. MS McPhaul, Effie Jane (I832)
76 9th AR Inf TOUCHSTONE, ALLEN D Second Lieutenant Enlisted at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 25, 1861; transferred to Co. K, April 17, 1862. TOUCHSTONE, JACKSON J (James Jackson Touchstone) Sergeant Enlisted at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 25, 1861; transferred to Co. G, April 17, 1862. TOUCHSTONE, JAMES R (James Riley Touchstone) Private Enlisted at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 25, 1861; killed in action at Shiloh, Tennessee, April 7, 1862. TOUCHSTONE, JAMES A Private Enlisted in (old) Co. B at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 25, 1861; killed in action at Shiloh, Tennessee, April 7, 1862; transferred to this company in error, April 17, 1862. Touchstone, George W Private Enlisted in Co. D, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Selma, Arkansas, June 20, 1861; absent on sick leave at Staunton, Virginia, July 19, 1861; dropped from the rolls for absence without leave; born in Mississippi, c1837; listed in Desha county 1860 census; occupation blacksmith; brother of Private Pembroke S. Touchstone. Touchstone, Pembroke S Private Enlisted in Co. D, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Selma, Arkansas, June 20, 1861; promoted third sergeant; promoted second lieutenant, November 6, 1862; promoted first lieutenant, May 19, 1863; deserted in East Tennessee, February 5, 1864; dropped from the rolls, June 27, 1864; born in Mississippi, c1830; married Artemisia K. Stone in Desha county, Arkansas, October 29, 1851; listed in Desha county 1860 census; occupation blacksmith; bought land in Drew county in 1857; brother of Private George W. Touchstone. Touchstone, William W Private Enlisted in Co. E, 24th Arkansas Infantry, at Monticello, Arkansas, June 16, 1862; reportedly died in December 1862; no further information; widow Lucinda Touchstone filed Arkansas pension application #1820 from Lincoln county, August 27, 1894. Touchstone, Elijah Joseph Joe Private Enlisted in Co. B, 12th Arkansas Cavalry, at Monticello, Arkansas, October 15, 1863; present, February 29, 1864; took oath of allegiance at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, May 21, 1864; born in 1820; died in 1903; buried in Old Union Cemetery in Drew county, Arkansas. ID: I0500 Name: James M. TOUCHSTONE Sex: M Birth: 1798 in SC Death: UNKNOWN PROP: 1 NOV 1848 Drew Co, AR PROP: 1 OCT 1825 Copiah Co, MS cash entry land purchase PROP: 5 JAN 1841 Jasper Co, MS cash entry land purchase PROP: 1 NOV 1852 Drew Co, AR PROP: 1 MAR 1855 Drew Co, AR PROP: 15 JAN 1858 Drew Co, AR PROP: 1 FEB 1858 Drew Co, AR PROP: 2 APR 1860 Drew Co, AR PROP: 1 OCT 1860 Drew Co, AR PROP: 20 AUG 1869 Drew Co, AR Census: 1820 Perry Co, MS pg 100 Census: 1830 Lawrence Co, MS pg Census: 1840 Jasper Co, MS pg 174 Census: 1850 Desha Co, AR pg 62 Census: 1860 Desha Co, AR pg 39 Event: Tax Roll 1841 Jasper Co, MS Note: enumerated 1820 US census Perry Co, MS pg 100 as 4 wm >10, 1 wm 26-45, 1 wf >10, 1 wf 10-16 from Copiah Co, MS Taxpayers, 1825-1841 by TLC Genealogy 1990 on tax list for 1825,1826,1827,1828,1829,1831 On Lawrence Co, MS Tax roll 1825 with property on Greens Creek with 1 white poll, pd .75 in state tax In church records of Covington Co, MS May 5, 1827, James Touchstone recd by experiance. enumerated 1830 US census Lawrence Co, MS pg 66 as 1 wm<5, 3 wm 5-10, 1 wm 40-50, 1 wf <5, 1 wf 15-20, 1 wf 20-30 From Church Records Covington Co, MS December 6, 1834 Brother James Touchstone read applications for letters of dismissal for himself and wife which were granted. From Records of Jasper Co, MS June 14, 1836 James Touchstone elected President of Township Three enumerated 1840 US census Jasper Co, MS pg 174 as 2 wm >5 George, Jackson, 1 wm 5-10 Pembroke, 2 wm 10-15 Josiah, Jesse 1 wm 40-50, 3 wf >5 Mary, 1 wf 5-10 Caroline, 1 wf 15-20, 1 wf 30-40 August 5, 1841 James Touchstone elected Clerk and Treasurer 1843 James served as a trustee enumerated 1850 US census Desha Co, AR pg 62 as 57 yo blacksmith born in SC with Janey 48 born in GA, Pennbrook 20, Caroline 16, Jackson 15, George 13, Mary 11, William 7, Adaliza 5 all born in MS 1850 slave schedule Desha Co, AR pg 45,46 with 20 slaves of wide age ranges enumerated 1860 US census Desha Co, AR pg 39 as 62 yo farmer with 14400 real property 30000 personal property with Jane 52 born in GA, Geo W 24, James J 26, WP 18, TA 16 born in MS Touchstone, James M (I1518)
77 9th Arkansas Infantry. Company F Drew County. Dixie Guards Organized at Monticello, Arkansas, and mustered into Confederate service at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on July 25, 1861, for twelve months service. BROOKS, KOSISCO (Kosciusco Brooks) Private Enlisted at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, July 25, 1861; died in hospital at Memphis, Tennessee, November 26, 1861. Brooks, Kosciusko (I2226)
78 About the year 1700 James Morrison left his native Scotland and immigrated to Northern Ireland, probobly Londonberry or Fermanagh. Around 1730 he came with his family to America, settling in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. James had four sons William, Thomas, James and Andrew. All except Thomas moved south Iredell (then Rowan) Co in the early 1750's, settling along the "Third Creek", south and west of Loray. Morrison, James (I2644)
79 According to Mrs. Rowland he died of rabies before 1860. Campbell, Alexander (I1577)
80 According to the Pierre Chastain Assoc. The year was 1659 when Pierre Chastain was born in the ancient Province of Berry, in or near the village of Charost, which is almost the geographic center of France. Pierre Chastain was the son of Estienne Chastain and Jeanne Laurent. Pierre's father, Estienne and this grandfather, Jacques Chastain, had both served as notaire royal at Charost. Estienne was born circa 1625, the son of Jacques and Jeanne Audet Chastain. It is thought that Jacques, born circa 1598-1600, was either the son or grandson of the Estienne Chastain who fled the city of Bourges at the time of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day in 1572. Proof of Pierre's first wife comes from the registers of Vevey in cantonal archives in Lausanne, Switzerland. This proof also corrects the assumption that Magdalaine de la Rochefaucald was Pierre's first wife. Pierre Chastain married Susanne Reynaud, daughter of Pierre Reynaud, from the village of Issoudun. By 1696, the Pierre Chastain family had fled from Charost across the Jura Mountains to Vevey, Canton Vaud, Switzerland to escape religious persecution. Sometime after September 1698, the family departed Vevey and was found at The Haque in The Netherlands (Holland). From there, the family moved to London, England where they remained a short time while Pierre became active in gathering together a group of French Huguenot refugees for colonization in Virginia. Pierre Chastain, his wife Susanne Reynaud Chastain and five children were among the group of 207 passengers who embarked from Gravesend, England on April 19, 1700 aboard the ship Mary and Ann of London. This ship arrived at the mouth of the James River on July 12, 1700. The group settled in Manakintown, Virginia about twenty miles up the James River. The group was given a 10,000 acre tract of land south of the James in an area once occupied by the Monacan Tribe of Indians. Pierre's wife, Susanne, died after February 1701 and before November 1701, two of the children also had died. Pierre then married Anne Soblet. Ann was the daughter of Abraham Soblet and Susanne Brian. The marriage to Anne Soblet produced eight children. Anne Soblet Chastain died on April 3, 1723. Pierre married a third time to Mary Magdaline (Verrueil) Trabue, daughter of Moise and Madelene Verrueil and widow of Antoine Trabue. Pierre Chastain died in Goochland County, Virginia in the fall of 1728. He had made his will on October 3, 1728 and this will was probated on November 20, 1728. He was buried in the family cemetery near his home. Magdeline Chastain died in late Spring of 1731, she and Pierre did not have children. The family cemetery where Pierre Chastain was buried is located on what is now Monacan Farm near Manakin Episcopal church. The Cemetery was located a few yards from the family home and contained several field stones and as many as 30 graves. A brick wall surrounding the family plot was torn down in 1929 by a farmer who used the bricks to build a house. In 1982, Lowell Chastain, then President of the Chastain Association, erected a grave marker for Pierre Chastain and constructed a chain-link fence around his grave. Prob. from Charost in Berri in the center of France; name of 1st wife unk, m/2 Ann Soblet, dau of Abraham Soblet and Susannah BRIAN, m/3 Mrs. Magdelaine Flournoy (this has been corrected to Veruel) Trabu; d. bet. 3 Oct & 20 Nov 1728. Son Jean by 1st wife b nlt 1694 m. Marianne and 2nd ca 1726 Charlotte Judith Amonnet; dau Susannah by 2nd wife b ca 1705 m. by 1730 to James Robinson; son Rene b ca 1713, m ca 1732/35 to Mrs. Judith (Martin) Gevedon d. 1786. Source: A brief Hist. of the Hug. by J.G. Chastain (1933), pp. 260-277. (Note some of this material has been disproved by the next material) The American Genealogist, July 1963, Vol. 39, #3, pp. 149-156; Vol. 40, #1, pp. 1-12; and Vol. 40 #3, pp. 135-147. Articles on The Chastains by Cameron Allen The Huguenot, Pub. #4, 1929, pp. 50-52. Etienne (Stephen) Chastain. Native of Dauphine in SE France, fled to England ca 1699; then to VA 1700 m/1 Martha ? who d. 1725, m/2 Martha Dupuy, dau of Bartholomew. Dau Marie Magdelaine b 23 Aug 1727 m/1 in 1742 James Cocke, m/2 in 1754 Peter Farrar. Ref: same as Pierre Chastain. Relationship not estb. Ref: Allen, Cameron: "the Chastain Family of Manakintown, Virginia"; The American Genealogist; Vol 39, Jul 1963; The Huguenot; No. 4 (1929); Allen, Cameron; "Pierre Chastain Revisited"; the American Genealogist; Vol 64 Jul 1989. From TURFF & TWIGG, Vol 1, The French Lands, A study of ten thousand acres donated by King William, III to the French refugees who settled at Manakintowne on the southern bank of James River in the colony of Virginia in 1700. By Priscilla Harriss Cabell, 1988. p. 85. Thomas Randolph, Daniel Guerrant, William Bryant are witnesses to the will of Peter Chastain of the parish of King William and county of Goochland . . . Rene received 379 acres on Jones Creek where William Battam lives [fn Battam was sometimes Bottom; perhaps a corruption of Banton or Badham.]. Pierre Chastain Family Association. Write to jimchstn@aol.com. "Chastain Kith & Kin" will do look up. Title: Pierre Chastain and his Descendants Author: Robert Leishman & Pierre Chastain Family Association Publication: Southern Heritage Press, 1995 Children: +Pierre (Peter) CHASTAIN , Jr. Judith CHASTAIN Jean "John" CHASTAIN Susanne CHASTAIN Mary CHASTAIN Elizabeth CHASTAIN Rane CHASTAIN Rene CHASTAIN Jane CHASTAIN Magdalene CHASTAIN Mary Magdelaine CHASTAIN Chastain, Pierre Jacob (I1760)
81 After a breif sojorn to Tennessee, He removed to Marshfield, Webster Co., Montana, where 4 of his sons were in the mercantile business. Biographical Sketch of Christopher W. Brooks, Webster County, Missouri From "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Missouri" The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1889. Christopher W. Brooks, a leading and prosperous merchant of Marshfield, was born in Caswell county, N. C., February 5, 1844, and is the eldest of six children born to the marriage of Robert H. and Letha (Boswell) Brooks, both natives of North Carolina. Christopher Brooks, grand- father of our subject, was a native of N. C., and died in his native state when Christopher W. Brooks was about nine years of age. Robert H. Brooks was reared and married in Caswell county, of his native state to Miss Letha Boswell, of the same locality. After his marriage he farmed there a few years, and in the fall of 1854 moved to Missouri, settling where his son William now resides. He was mustering officer while in North Carolina, and held a major's commission. Mr. Brooks died January 19, 1862 and his wife, July 25, 1888. Young Brooks remov- ed with his parents from N. C. to Western Tenn., and after a residence in that state of three years he came to what was then Greene county, now Webster county, Mo., and here his parents died. He was reared to manhood engaged in agricultural pursuits, and received a good practical education in the common schools. He continued farming until 1876, when he removed to Marshfield and engaged in the mercantile business, to which, in 1879, he added a stock of agricultural implements. In 1866 he was married to Miss Joe Stella Dameron, a native of N. C., born in 1845, and who came with her parents to Missouri about 1851. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks became the parents of six children: McNey, Robert H., Stella, Nellie, Edna and Shirley. Mr. Brooks is a Democrat in politics and was county assessor for three years. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Mount Olive Lodge No. 439, and also the I. O. O. F., to which he has belonged for several years. He has been a resident of Webster county for thirty-four years, and is a highly respected citi- zen. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Brooks, Robert Holderness (I2846)
82 After the death of Christopher, Susannah married William Higgason Rice on December 20 1784. William Higgason Rice remarried to Sally Gooch in 1795 after the death of Susannah.. Susannah WILLIAMS and Christopher BROOKES were married.7 Christopher BROOKES48 (son of THOMAS BROOKES and MARY BLACKNALL) was born in Feb 1755 in Gloucester County, Virginia.19,49 He died about 1781 in Caswell County, North Carolina.48 I think this name in the Kingston Parish Records of Gloucester Co VA must be Christopher although it isn't clear in the record - wirtten as .....her Brookes. Apparently part of the name is unreadable. I believe this person to be Christopher Brookes found in Caswell County with other members of this family. Christopher Brooks received payment from the Hillsborough Treasury Office as found in "North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts" by Wynette Parks Haun. c1992. From the Court Minutes of Caswell County: p.7, Dec 1781: Susannah Brooks resigned as administrator of estate of Christopher Brooks and gave authority to Henry Williams. Copies from received from NC Archives: Adminstrators Bond in the amount of 500 pounds, dated 4 Dec 1781 signed by Henry Williams and Nath'l. Williams in presence of A. Murphey to bind Henry Williams as Administrator of Christopher Brooks, Deceased. Caswell County March Court 1782 - Inventory of estate of Christopher Brooks returned by Henry Williams, Administrator, and ordered to be recorded. Sold by David Shelton, Sheriff 24 Jan 1782. Buyers included Susannah Brookes, Henry Williams, William Holderness, Nath'l Williams, John Pane, Thos. Brookes. TN Land Entries #3989 25 Nov 1783 Warrant 313 Cr. William Brooks, heir of Sgt George Brooks. 1000 acres delived to Henry Williams. Grant to Christopher Wm Brooks. [Vol.3, p.336] [This grant is very confusing. Christopher William Brooks is believed to be the son of Christopher Brooks who died in 1781 and his wife Susannah Williams, daughter of the above Henry. George Brooks was a brother of the elder Christopher and was said to be still living until 1791 and his heir would have been daughter, not a nephew. This original grant needs to be seen for further detail. I wonder if there is an error in the abstract or even in the original grant and it should have said "Cr. William Brooks, heir of Sgt. Christopher Brooks". We know from the records of Christopher Brooks that Henry Williams was administrator of his estate.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Susannah WILLIAMS and William Higgason RICE were married on 20 Dec 1784 in Caswell County, North Carolina.7,19 William Higgason RICE7,47 (son of Thomas RICE) was born on 12 Mar 1761 in Hanover County, Virginia.7,50 He died in 1847.50 According to his Revolutionary War Pension Application, William Rice moved to Caswell Co NC with his father in 1775. William H. Rice was guardian of Susannah's son Christopher Williams Brooks - I believe this to be the same as the Christopher W. Brooks that married Sally Holderness. 12 Mar 1804. William H. Rice reliquished right and interest in land warrant #1759 granted Henry Williams; he being entitled to same in consequence of former wife Susannah an heir of Henry Williams. Caswell DB O, p.218-219. John Windsor (husband of sister Rebecca); Hugh Gwynn [husband of sister Sally], Wm. H. Rice and Williamson Rice of Caswell to John of same, all claims and right which John Rice'dec'd devised to them in his last will. John Reed to pay toeach of the others 1/5 part. 16 May 1804. Wit: Robert Parks, William Rainey. p.221. Power of attorney from John Windsor, Hugh Gwynn, Wm. H. Rice and Williamson Rice of CC to John Reed of same to carry on suit in behalf of lands devised them by John Rice decd. 26 May 1804. Wit: Robert Parks, William Rainey Williams, Susanna (I1906)
83 After the death of her husband, Eimily and her son moved to Tennessee Albright, Emily (I815)
84 Aka: John Peter Bondurant II. Hezekiah Mosby, Elizabeth Mosby, Patty Mosby, infants, by Robert Walton, their Guardian, Thomas Mosby, infant, by Thomas Walton his Guardian and Agnes Mosby, infant by Jesse Miller, her guardian. vs John Peter Bondurant and Patty, his wife, administratrix of Edward Mosby, decd. Decree appointing Commisr. to assign dower to the sd. Patty in the slaves & personal property of the decedant and divide the residue among the Pltf. Sept. Court 1775 Ibid, p. 346. Bondurant, John Peter (I988)
85 American Courant, Cartersville, GA February 14, 1895, Page 1 Transcribed and submitted by: Laurel Baty Death of Mr. W. C. A. Bryant Mr. W. C. A. Bryant died at Acworth last Thursday and his remains were brought here and interred in Oak Hill cemetery on Saturday morning, with Masonic honors. Mr. Bryant had been in feeble health for a long time. He was the father-in-law of Mr. Napoleon Tumlin and was known as a good citizen. Oak Hill Cemetery, 319 N. Erwin Street; Cartersville, Georgia 30120 (770)387-5604 The cemetery was originally part of Ebenezer Methodist Church. The church was moved to Cartersville in 1848 and is now the "Sam Jones Memorial Methodist Church" This cemetery is now owned by the City of Cartersville. Name Born Died BURIAL DATE SECTION LOT SPACE Vault Comments/Notes "BRYANT, C.W.A." 8/10/1824 2/7/1895 01/01/1895 2 76B Masonic Symbol on tombstone "BRYANT, Juliet M" 4/21/1824 4/19/1882 01/01/1882 2 76B w/o C.W.A Bryant "TUMLIN, Fannie Bryant" 6/4/1855 10/9/1926 1926 2 76B "TUMLIN, GEORGIA" marker NF 7/18/1943 3 35 Bryant, Collathimus W A (I85)
86 Ann Faure' Rouvierre (L'Orange), Anna L'Orange? Faure; Rhoda Faure? Ann Faure L' Orange (Daniel Isaac1) was born in France circa 1688.(23) Grinnell's manuscript indicates that Ann was born in 1688 in Buckingham Co., Virginia. This, however, has to be incorrect as Buchingham Co. did not exist until the mid-1700's. The pedigree chart in The Huguenot, Publication No. 30, page 120, has Ann as the daughter of Daniel Isaac Faure and Mary Chastain. Mary was a Huguenot immigrant as a widow. The immigrant record indicates widow Faure with her four children, but names only her sons Pierre and Jean. It is believed that Ann was one of the daughters and therefore was born in France. Ann died after 1734/1735 in Virginia Faure, Ann L'Orange (I1113)
87 Anna Barbara Albrecht, was the second child of Johannes ans Anna Albrecht, was born in Austia October 10, 1719. She married John Faust(1719-1780) in Pennsylvaia in 1740. They moved to Guilford Co., North Carolina. It is a long standing family tradition thet Anna, Daughter of Johannes Albrecht, brought the first Mulberry tree to this country by carring a sprout wrapped in her black silk apron. She was 12 years of age when she sailed for America. Albrecht, Anna Barbara (I2296)
88 ANTHONY4 LUMPKIN (ROBERT3, JACOB2, THOMAS1) was born 1730 in King snd Queen Co., Virginia, and died May 1811 in Granville Co., N.C.. He married SARAH HUNT November 13, 1758 in Granville Co., North Carolina. Notes for ANTHONY LUMPKIN: Georgia Gov. Wilson Lumpkin wrote a letter to his daughter, Ann Alden in 1852 about his forebearers and stated, "My grandfather had a brother by the name of Anthony, who had 12 sons, all born of one mother. None of them were under six feet in height; their average weight being over 200 pounds, yet none of them carried any surplus flesh. I have seen four of these giant sons of old Uncle Anthony, and truly they were most extraodinary men in physical appearance and power." Died 1811. Anthony lived in Granville County, North Carolina. His will, April 5, 1811, found in Will Book 7, page 170, mentions sons Joseph, William, Edmond and Anthony; also daughters Mary Wood, Nancy Parker, Caty Mize, and Elizabeth Moody. (lumpkin Lore P. 45,) In the "Heads of Families, First Census of the U. S. 1790" North Carolina, page 92, Anthony Lumpkin is the only Lumpkin Mentioned. He is recorded as living in the "Hillsboro District, Granville County, Tar River District." Anthony Lumpkin, died in Granville County, N. Car. in 1811; mentions in his will 4 sons and 4 daughters who were then living: Joseph,William, Edmund, Anthony, mary Wood, Nancy Packer, Caty Mize, Elizabeth Moody. More About ANTHONY LUMPKIN: Fact 1: 1790, appeared on the North Carolina census Child of ANTHONY LUMPKIN and SARAH HUNT is: i. JOSEPH5 LUMPKIN. Notes for JOSEPH LUMPKIN: Joseph stated in his Revolutionary War pension application that he served as a captain under "my uncle Henry Lumpkin in May, 1777." Lumpkin, Anthony (I945)
89 Arkansas Gazette Sept 8, 1915, Monticello - Mrs. H. M. Hankins, 52, died at the family residence yesterday. She is survived by her husband and by four daughters, also by four brothers and five sisters. Wells, Ida Caroline (I1998)
90 As early as 1749, Joseph was living in Lunenburg Co. In 1764, he was in Mecklenberg Co VA. His lands of 795 acres joined the lands of Thomas Williamson's orphans, one of whom was Elizabeth who had married Joseph's nephew Col. John Williams, of Caswell Co NC. Williams, Joseph (I1000)
91 At age thirteen Myrtle ran away from home, and went to her Uncle Rollie's house in Crossett to live. [a.FTW] At age thirteen Myrtle ran away from home, and went to her Uncle Rollie's house in Crossett to live. Nichols, Myrtle (I1486)
92 August 1814, p. 187. Mary Gray, widow of John Gray applied for letters of adm. Need: Obituary, Hinds County Gazzette May 20 1852 Trefoe, Mary (I397)
93 Bettie A (?) was born around 1840 in Tennessee. Her parents are unknown. She raised her family all by herself after her husbands death in 1876. Her where abouts are unknown in 1900. On July 22, 1907 she died after a ten day illness in her Daughter's ( Louella Hankins) in Monticello. In her will she names three children: Louella Hankins, Mary G Hudgens, Eula L Binns. She was Buried next to her husband in Old Monticello Cemetery.
Lea, Elizabeth A (I807)
94 Birth: 1829 in M PROP: 1 JUL 1857 Drew Co, AR Cash entry 5 Military Service: Civil War, Company D, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, Hoods Brigade Occupation: Blacksmith Religion: Old Florence Church, Drew County, Arkansas Census: 1870 Coryell Co, TX pg 293 Census: 1880 Milam Co, TX Note: joined Old Florence Church Drew Co, AR May 8, 1864, dismissed with letter May 25, 1868 with wife enumerated 1870 US census Coryell Co, TX pg 293 as 41 yo blacksmith born in MS with Artesmia 37 born in TN, Ben Franklin 17, W. Jane 15, Laura 8, Thomas 10 all children born in AR enuemarated 1880 US census Milam Co, TX as 50 yo farmer born in MS with son B. Franklin 28, daus Winnie JH. 23, Laura B. 18 Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA, Company D, "Selma Rifles" Touchstone, Pembroke S Private Enlisted in Co. D, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Selma, Arkansas, June 20, 1861; promoted third sergeant; promoted second lieutenant, November 6, 1862; promoted first lieutenant, May 19, 1863; deserted in East Tennessee, February 5, 1864; dropped from the rolls, June 27, 1864; born in Mississippi, c1830; married Artemisia K. Stone in Desha county, Arkansas, October 29, 1851; listed in Desha county 1860 census; occupation blacksmith; bought land in Drew county in 1857; brother of Private George W. Touchstone. Touchstone, Pembrook S (I2408)
95 BIRTH:North Carolina, Guilford Co MARRAIGE:Tennessee, Haywood Co DEATH:Jefferson Co., Arkansas BURIAL:Jefferson Co., Arkansas Albright, Jesse Samuel (I2431)
96 Born Abt 1817 in Georgia and Moved to Alabama in 1850
Reeves, John Spouse : Hunter, Rebecca Marriage date : Jan 9, 1845
Reaves, John (I1455)
97 Both these Nichols and Windham families were listed in 1755 Beaufort County, before Pitt was formed. I wish to find all the children of old William Nichols, and his wife (I assume) Jean Windham.
He may have been married twice, secondly to one Mary ___. The older William Nichols must have been born ca 1725, he was still alive in 1775. To which (Virginia?) Windham family do the above mentioned John and Elizabeth Windham belong?
John Windham must have been born ca 1690-1700?
My branch of Nichols' went to SC and then on to MS. I would love to work with the someone working the siblings, John, William, Joel, James, etc., the ones that stayed in Pitt County a little longer than mine who left before 1790.
Thank you,
Windham, John (I1663)
98 Bride Index Source (S435)
99 Brooks, James W Private Enlisted in Co. C, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Monticello, Arkansas, June 10, 1861; wounded and captured on Greenbrier river, Virginia, October 3, 1861; confined at Camp Chase, Ohio; exchanged at Aikens Landing, Virginia, November 10, 1863; absent without leave in Arkansas, May 3, 1864; dropped from the rolls, August 31, 1864; born in Mississippi, c1845; died in Arkansas, October 7, 1928; married Bashie M.; filed Arkansas pension application #15097 from Drew county, August 4, 1909; listed in Drew county 1860 census; occupation farmer. Brooks, James William (I1253)
100 Buttram, Charles J. born Dec 18, 1826, died Jul 26, 1900, member of the 41st Georgia Infantry Company H, buried Oak Level Cemetery Buttram, James Morgan born Mar 8, 1822, died Jun 11, 1904, member of Rainey s Randolph Reserves, buried Buttram Cemetery Buttram, John M. born May 29, 1846, died May 20, 1915, buried Mars Hill Cleburne County Buttram, Rev James Morgan (I15)

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