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1  Nichols, Henry T (I1608)
2  Nichols, Euginia Jane (I1609)
3  Hankins, Harriett Ann (I1571)
4  Bundrum, James J (I2865)
5  Hankins, Vera (I2117)
6  Hames, Elizabeth (I462)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bundrum, Margaret Marie (I1807)
8  Hamilton, Ava Mae (I1250)
9  Threadgill, Annie Arlilla (I2472)
10  Mixon, Martha S (I2992)
11  Wright, Minnie E (I1344)
12  Haynes, Zeb Clair (I3111)
13  Hankins, William (I3064)
14  Bruce, Mary Martha (I3054)
15  Brooks, John Kerr (I2844)
16  Nichols, Henry (I2419)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bundrum, Mary Jo (I1798)
18  Smithwick, Addie (I1498)
19  Kerr, Alexander Jr (I798)
20  Barefield, Richard (I406)
21  Lott, Jesse (I1254)
22  Hogue, Robert E Lee (I347)

Died at age 85, Spent some time in Texas, Never Married

Died at age 85, Spent some time in Texas, Never Married
Nichols, John S (I1605)

Died Young

Died Young
Nichols, Ella E (I707)

Eula L Brooks Was born April 12 1873 in drew Co Arkansas. On November 10, 1892 she married John M Binns( born January 17 1868) in Drew Co., Arkansas. They spent there life here in Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas and raised a family. Eula died on November 3 1942 (age 69) and John died on October 8 1961(age 93). Both are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Monticello.
Brooks, Perthinia Eula Lea (I430)

He was on road duty to lay out a road from Hart's road to Haw River Mill, in
Orange Co.
He served in the Revolutionary War and was either killed or died in service
according to his son, Jacob Rich.

NATURALIZATION:1763 North Carolina; Superior Court, Pg 598

TAX:1779 North Carolina, Orange Co;;
TAX:1780 North Carolina, Orange Co;;

MILITARY:Revolutionary War, North Carolina
Rich, Thomas (I1934)

Peter was born and after his fathers death continued to live in North Carolina. Although a will has not been found for him in 1844 the land he sold his son George was on condition he support him and wife for life.
Rich, Peter (I1551)

She died while staying with her daughter Callie in Malvern.
Brooks, Louella Irene (I78)

Will Proved at Fairfeild Co South Carolina
McCreight, William (I805)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bundrum, Edna Inez (I1805)
Gladney, Richard (I3055)
Austin, Lucinda (I1544)
Nichols, Hezikiah (I391)
34 !ACTION-CENSUS:1880 Arkansas(Drew Co; James H Stewart) !ACTION-CENSUS:1870 Mississippi (Marshall Co) !ACTION-PARENTS: who are parents Stewart, James H (I426)
35 !Action-Death:when and where died !Action-Burial:when and where buried [a.FTW] !Action-Death:when and where died !Action-Burial:when and where buried Smith, Mary F (I1370)
36 !Action-Death:when and where died !Action-Burial:when and where buried [a.FTW] !Action-Death:when and where died !Action-Burial:when and where buried Smith, Lucille (I1369)
37 !Action-Military:Civil War, South Carolina or Arkansas Gladney, Richard Jackson (I1103)
38 !Action-Military:Civil War, Texas Nichols, Henry I (I2078)
39 !Action-Military:War of 1812, South Carolina Gladney, Hugh (I3039)
40 !TAX:1780;North Carolina, Orange Co;; Listed him with 180 acres, 5 horses, and 16 cattle !TAX:1779;North Carolina; Orange Co;; !WILL:1781-82:North Carolina, Orange Co;; Sharp, Issac (I1939)
41 "Anne Soblet, b. say 1684; m. Pierre Chastain. This identity is subject to a bit of debate. The sole reference to her is:"3 April, 1723, died Anne Soblet the -- --- ---sieur Pierre Chastain, age about --years; was buried the fourth of the month" To achieve the identity suggested above, it is necessary to supply in the blanks "the wife of" Unaided by other references. it would be just as possible to supply alternatively "the daughter of" and thus make her wife of one of the young Soblets. However, the death register also gives this reference: "The 12th of January, 1722 [1723], died Jan. Chastain, daughter of ---ieur Chastain and of Anne Chastain, her father and mother, aged about 6 years; was buried the 13th of the month, on Sunday, at three o'clock in the afternoon". This presumably refers to the same Anne and makes her wife of Pierre Chastain, hence, born a Soblet." Soblet, Ann (I517)
42 "Little Grandpa" was the name aquired by George William French because of his small stature. He was less than 40 years old when he arrived in Randolph Co., Alabama. It is said tha G.W. migrated to Alabama by way of Georgia where he worked on the first railroad that came to Atlanta. He brought his wife, Anna Amanda Avery and 7 children with him to Alabama along with his younger brother Pinkey G French who was a member of the household in 1860. The years between 1860 and 1870 was a busy time in the French household. The tale has been told that "Little Grandpa" hid out in a cave or hollow log during the Civil War, and wore a woman's dress in the fields when he worked. Two more children were born during these years, John R and Louisia J. Wedding bells were also ringing. By 1870 the 3 oldest children were not living at home according to the census records. On March 1, 1875 G.W French is on a list of owners of property that was to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder at the courthouse in Wedowee. In 1892 he was elected to the County Commisioner Board and was re-elected in 1894. During this time it wasa said: "George W French lives 2 miles north of Wedowee; a Medodist, Populist and farmer. George has a long head; generally digs deep and builds a good foundation, but sometimes the roof leaks and the inmates complain. Robinson, the contractor for the Iron Bridge on the Little Tallapoosa River, said to the writer: 'Commisioner French got closer after me than anyone I have ever contracted with'; and he said 'I have a varied experiance in the bussiness.' A great grand son remembers G.W died on May 17, 1911 and his wife Anna died on December 18, 1919. Both are buried in Union Cemetery in Randolph County. French, George William (I1415)
43 * CENSUS:1790 Keller, Jacob (I1937)
44 ***************** Jennie, Delilah is listed on the 1870 Walker Co., GA census. She is 45 born NC with Seborn J. 21 (believe this is the Jackson in the 1860 Pickens Co., GA census), Susan 18, Josiah 14 and Lebizah (sp?) 13. Delila is on the 1880 Cullman Co., AL census age 50, Seborn J. 27, Susan 25 and Lebazand 22. Josiah is living in Cullman Co. and Robert also. The records show that elilah Presley purchased 80.4900 acres October 20 1882. On the death certificate of Robert Mitchell Presley dod January 14, 1915, his mother is listed as Delilah Presley and father is not listed. The question is is she the Delilah listed as a daughter of William and Jane Presley in Hall County, GA in the 1830's, sister of Ephraim, Absalom and Jordan? Did she marry a Presley? If nyone has information, please pass it on. I know this doesn't answer your question but it's about all I have on Delilah's family. ***************** I wish that I could answer any of this conclusively, however, I think that my wife's family is connected. I am fairly certain that her Great Great Grandfather, George Washington Presley, was the son of Absolom Presley - the brother of Delila(h) Presley. Since GW Presley ended up in Cullman Co, Alabama by 1888, there very likely was a family relationship. Absolom was in Pickens Co, Georgia, also in 1860. If they were travelling with each other, I found Absolom's family in the 1870 census in Winston Co, Alabama. Maybe Delilah was there too [Presley], Delilah (I88)
45 ----- Original Message ----- From: "John & Elnora Wyrick" To: "Diana M Williams" Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 5:39 PM Subject: David Cook Hi Diana, Have you done any research on David Cook? I have put together what I've been able to find, this is the only "David Cook" that even looks like he could be ours but have no documentation to prove it. What do you think? Have attached my info. Hope you have time to take a look. Love, Elnora ************************************************************************ BLM-Land Grants; 4 Grants in Amite Co., MS to David Cook dated 1828 to 1833, do not know if they belonged to our David Cook or not? Have not at this point been able to find him in MS Census 1830-40; Texas General Land Grant: Found four grants, 2 in Hill Co., and 2 in Ellis Co., TX, one of the Hill Co., Grants was to Thos. J. Tenery and Patented by David W. Cook, all are 3rd Class- Headrights-Issued to those who arrived between 1 Oct 1837 & 1 Jan 1840, Head of family rec'd 640 acres. Single men rec'd 320 acres. All grants are for 320 acres, indicating a Single Man. Looks like his first wife was probably dead by then and he may have gone to TX with or shortly after Henry did. Since he married Elizabeth Scarborough in 1821 he could have had grown/ almost grown children by 1837-40 so, he was not considered a "Head of Family", if he had any children they had to be gone from home. What we need to find are; #1. 1830-40 census with/without children, #2. Deeds/Wills?? No Proof that any of this is for our David Cook. ************************************************************************ Marriages Found: David Cook to Elizabeth Scarborough, 22 February 1821 in Jefferson Co., MS, David Cook to Mary J. Cannon, 12 June 1842-Nacogdoches Co., TX; No Proof that either of these are our David Cook. ******************************************************************** POSSIBLE CENSUS FOR DAVID COOK 1850 Census, Smith Co., TX, Pg 55, 15 Oct. 1850, Line 18, HH# 182/182; David W. Cook, 51, WM, Farmer, Real Estate Value, $800., b. GA; Hellen, 22, WF, b. MS; 1860 Census, P.O. White Rock, Hill Co., TX, Pg 107, Sheet 45, 18 July 1860, Line28, HH# 391/364; David W. Cook, 61, WM, Farmer, Personal Value, $1,400, R.E. Value, $9,300, b. GA; Hellen, 33, WF, b. KY; *N.H. Stockman, 12, WF, b. AL; *Who could this be? 1870 Census, P.O. Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX, Prec., #1, Sheet 46, 29 July 1870, Line 11, HH# 329/329; Cook, David W., 71, WM, Farmer, Personal Value, $5,000, R.E.Value $8,000, b. GA; Hellen, 42, WF, b. in a River-Boat; **Lessard, Nancy, 22, WF, AL; Robert Lee, 1, WM, b. TX; *Patrick, 11, Blk M, b. TX; **Is this the young woman, is it the same young girl (N. H Stockman age 12), living with them on the 1860 census, is she a relative?? *this young man is listed as surname being "Lessard", is he a relative of Nancy Lessard or is he a Cook, is he really Black or is that a mistake?? Next house is a Black Family headed by a female, Julia Cook, age 26, b. MS, she has 6 children born in TX, their ages 2-12 and an older Black woman, Charlotte, age 53 b. in VA who has a 16 yr old son born in TX. 1880 Census Place: District 78, Hill, Texas Source: FHL Film 1255311 National Archives Film T9-1311 Page 425D Relation, Sex, Marr, Race, Age, Birthplace John PARKS, Self, M, M, W, 68, VA, Occ:Farmer, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Elizabeth PARKS, Wife, F, M, W, 51, VA, Occ:K. House, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Calvin PARKS, Son, M, S, W, 22, MO, Occ:Farmer, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Mary PARKS, Dau, F, S, W, 19, TX, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Welden PARKS, Son, M, W, 16, TX, Occ:Farm Worker, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Robert PARKS, Son, M, W, 14, TX, Occ:Farm Worker, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Virginia PARKS, Dau, F, W, 14, TX, Occ: School, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; *Ellen COOK, Other, F, W, W, 51, KY, Occ: Boarder, Fa: VA, Mo: --; *I have a copy of the actual census and it shows her name spelled (Ellen) also, I am convinced this is (Hellen Cook) the Widow of David W. Cook. 1900 Census, Hill Co., TX, Prec. #8, Enum. Dist. #51, Page 185A, Sheet 23, Line 42, HH# 404/413; Ruis/Buis, William M., Head, WM, Dec 1847, 52, Widow, b. MS, Parents NC, Occ. Merchant-Drygoods; James S., Son, WM, March 1879, 21, single, b. TX, Father MS, Mother TX, Occ. Salesman-Drygoods; William E., Son, WM, July 1882, 17, single, b. TX, Father MS, Mother TX, Occ. Salesman-Drygoods; Linch, Mary S., Sister in-law, WF, Sept 1857, 42, Widow, 1 child born, none living, b.TX, Parents TN, Occ., Land-Lord; Cook, Helen, Boarder, WF, Feb 1829, 71, Widow, 0 children born, b. KY, Father Ireland, Mother NC, no Occ; 1910 Census, Not Found; ************************************************************************ HILL COUNTY OLD SETTLERS Towns are in Alphabet order; Hillsboro Mirror, Wednesday August 16,1899. Hill County Old Settlers; The following is a list of the Hill County Old Settlers who joined the association to date with their address and the year in which they came to Texas, which was unavoidably crowded out of last weeks paper. Mrs. Hellen Cook - Hillsboro - 1859 ************************************************************ ----- Original Message ----- From: "DianaWilliams" To: "Wyrick Elnora" Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 6:53 PM Subject: David Just a quick look, but I think you have found him. Age looks right and birth in GA and in Hill Co. where Wm. Roberts and a lot of others of the family were makes it right on. Great!!! But I'll bet he had a first wife and some children. And why doesn't Helen have any later? Always new questions. Diana ----- Original Message ----- From: "DianaWilliams" To: "Wyrick Elnora" Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 11:21 AM Subject: Roberts Elnora, Look on Hill Co. 1870, pct. 5, first page. #1 is Ebenezer Roberts son of William #2 is William and Nancy Jane #3 son Anon #4 my Thomas Moreman and wife Eurydice (here as Eurittica) There are a lot of family, to me, there then. Several of the Roberts sisters and husbands came. I think Thomas Jefferson Bozeman was the first to follow uncle Henry and then came a flood from Hinds Co. William Roberts is in Smith Co. in 1860 and in Hinds Co. in 1850, but I think he came to TX in 1850 after the census. It would be interesting to know the boundaries of the precincts. I have not tried to do land records in Hill Co. as they have had several courthouse fires, the last just a few years ago. The Moreman family and probably Roberts, lived at Irene, which is on the eastern edge. Irene is not even listed in that list of Old Settlers. Most of my family, except for distant cousins, have left there before that list was compiled. I wonder what happened to Elizabeth Scarborough and whatever children she had? Must have died back in Hinds Co. or the children could have stayed. The John D. Roberts, you name, is probably no kin as he was b. in TN.William's father was James, b. in GA and grfather was John but his origin is unknown. They came to Jefferson co. in 1790. Diana ************************************************************** Henry's daughter Rebecca Dulaney (Cook) Hines also lived in Hill County. We have David marrying Elizabeth Scarborough in 1821 in Jefferson Co., MS, I cannot find him on the 1830 in Census in MS, suspect he may have gone to TX with Henry and Mary Polly. If he did go to TX, that might account for the Land Grant in Hill Co., (but what was he doing in Smith Co., in 1850), more questions? Was he the David Cook that married Elizabeth Scarborough in MS, did he have any children with her? Where and when did he marry this Hellen and what is her Surname? Need some research, wouldn't it be nice if he left a Will? Cook, David (I2708)
46 ----- Original Message ----- From: "John & Elnora Wyrick" To: "June Lloyd- Moffett" ; "Vicki" ; "Diana M Williams" Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 9:30 AM Subject: Able Cook Saga Good Morning, Hope you all had a nice holiday, all I could do was think about this Able Cook, Goodson Kids Probate Pkg., mystery!! Think I have figured it out, now bear with me! Here are outlines of Able Cook and Peter Hawthorne; I think that the first child of Able and Rebecca was "John W. Cook", found him on the 1850 census, was the only other Cook in Jefferson Co., MS in 1850. Then Able married Harriet Unkn when Rebecca died shortly after the child (?John W) was born, they had James M, Jefferson W. and Able died, Harriet marries Peter Hawthorne (unknown if he is the widower of her sis in-law Margaret Cook) then Harriet and Peter had "Minerva Jane Hawthorne-aka Mary J Cook-on the 1850 census) and that gave James M Cook the right to declare "He was the nearest relative of his niece and nephew-Teledi Marion and Mary V Goodson" in the probate tutorship court case. Minerva Jane Hawthorne/Mary J Cook, James M, and Jefferson W Cook were 1/2 bro and sis, their Mother was Harriet (Unkn) Cook Hawthorne! IF James M and Jefferson W are Harriet's children that would allow for "James M's claim of nearest relative" But would still not accommodate for Able dying by 1823 as I have recorded I still firmly believe the 1850 census showing "Celeste and son James" is WRONG and it should read "Samantha and son Mark". I am so sure that I am going to record the info into my main file, the only thing I am not totally comfortable with is oldest son being that "John W Cook" in the 1850 census Jefferson Co., MS. Diana could you please check again for the documentation for Able's probate? Any comments, suggestions etc.?? Elnora > Descendants of Able Cook; > 1 Able Cook b: Abt. 1792 in (?) Georgia d: Bef. 10 July 1823 in Jefferson > Co., MS > . +Rebecca Patterson b: Bet. 1802 - 1804 in Unknown m: 05 December 1816 in > Jefferson Co., MS > ... 2 (?) John W Cook b: Bet. 1816 - 1820 in (?) Jefferson Co., MS (GA) > ...... +Julia Z Unknown b: Abt. 1825 in Louisiana m: Abt. 1844 in (?) > Mississippi > ........ 3 (?) Louisa Josephine Cook b: Abt. 1844 in Jefferson Co., MS > ........... +William Goodson b: 08 October 1834 in Jefferson Co., MS m: 20 > March 1861 in Jefferson Co., MS Father: David GOODSON Mother: Elizabeth BELL > ........ 3 Martha Cook b: Abt. 1845 > ........ 3 John Cook b: Abt. 1848 > *2nd Wife of Able Cook: > . +Harriett Unknown b: Abt. 1795 in North Carolina m: Bef. 1823 > ... 2 James M Cook b: Abt. 1820 in (?) Jefferson Co., MS > ... 2 Jefferson W Cook b: Bet. 1821 - 1825 in (?) Jefferson Co., MS d: 11 > August 1868 in (?) Beinville Parish, LA > ...... +Celeste E Unknown b: Abt. 1840 in Mississippi > ........ 3 James Cook b: Abt. 1858 in (?) Jefferson Co., MS > ... *2nd Wife of Jefferson W Cook: > ...... +Samantha E Renfro b: Bet. 1840 - 1842 in Mississippi d: Bet. 1885 - > 1898 in (?) Angelina Co., TX m: 20 November 1856 in Copiah Co., MS Father: > Mark RENFRO Mother: Susannah HAWTHORNE > ........ 3 Mark (?Whitfield) Cook b: 19 June 1858 in (?) Jefferson Co., MS > d: 23 August 1942 in Angelina Co., TX > ........... +Martha Ann Unknown b: October 1868 in Texas > ........ 3 Harriet Cook b: Abt. 1860 in Louisiana > ........... +(?) Joseph Furgason b: Abt. 1857 in Tennessee > ........ 3 Susan Cordelia Cook b: 07 January 1864 in Louisiana d: 23 > September 1938 in Angelina Co., TX > ........... +George R. Warner b: 20 July 1856 in Louisiana d: 27 August > 1948 in Angelina Co., TX m: 02 September 1883 in Angelina Co., TX > ........ 3 Alice Cook b: 1865 in Louisiana d: 1935 in (?) Angelina Co., TX > ........... +Byron Walker McClendon b: 1864 in Texas d: 1941 in (?) > Angelina Co., TX m: 23 December 1886 in Angelina Co., TX > > Descendants of Peter Hawthorne > 1 Peter Hawthorne b: unknown in Unknown > . +Harriett Unknown b: Abt. 1795 in North Carolina m: 19 March 1826 in Jefferson Co., MS > ... 2 Minerva Jane/Mary J (Cook ? Hawthorne) b: Bet. 1825 - 1830 Unknown, Harriett (I2710)
47 1 November 1997: Howell Bozeman born 1780. The oldest child of Meady Bozeman Sr. and Chloe Nelson-Bozeman was said to be the most prosperous of all the children. He was a carpenter contractor by trade, he died 1813 in Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, leaving Nancy Cook-Bozeman widowed with five young children,(death information provided by Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams), see Family Group Sheet . Information from: (Bozeman Sketches Vol.-1; Howell Bozeman 1870; by, Rev. J.W. Bozeman, 1954; Per Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams) Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick Howell Bozeman was a builder and his family is in the 1810 census in Amite Co., MS. He was probably there, with his family for a conrtruction job. That is also probably why Nancy's marriage is recorded in Bladen Co. NC. In 1806 or 1807 he was in Milledgeville GA working with the crew on the building which was intended to be the State capitol building. In 1813, Howell joined the Miss. Volunteers for the War of 1812. He died in camp at Baton Rouge, LA., age 34, leaving sons Meady-9, James-5, Thomas-3 and daughter Margaret-I week. In March, 1814, Nancy Cook Bozeman and her brother Able Cook were made administrators. Bozeman, Howell (I2703)
48 1 November 1997: Thomas Jefferson Bozeman, was born September 8, 1808 in GA, and died 4 September 1870, in Kingston, (**Now known as Laton) Fresno Co., CA. Kingston is now extinct. He married Rachel Parker in Hinds Co., Mississippi in 1835, near Jackson Mississippi. She died in a few years leaving three children. Thomas Jefferson like many other pioneers, got the urge to go west. he was possessed with great courage and fortitude, so he moved first to Caddo parish, Louisiana. There he met and married Eliza Ford. To them was born two children. Then they moved to Texas, out near Waco, about the year 1848. Two children were born in this state. In 1854 they decided to go on farther west as his health had begun to fail. He took his Ox Teams and covered wagons and started on their way to California. As was the custom in those days there was usually a large caravan of covered wagons and people, who were together for protection from Indian attacks. They decided to stop for awhile in Santa Fe, New Mexico., There another child was born to Thomas and Eliza. When they decided to start on their journey again the oxen were traded for mules. While in Santa Fe, he operated a Freighting business using the mules and Studebaker wagons which also carried them across the plains of the Golden West. He never engaged in mining, but his wife kept boarders at the mining camps. As they went on their way to California they encountered many Indians but were never attacked. It took them six months to reach California. They settled in Kingston, (**Now known as Laton). Then Thomas Jefferson was stricken with Paralysis so the wife had to operate a hotel. Three children were born in this state making a total of eleven. The sons of this brave, courageous couple were farmers and sheep raisers. They were all fine good men, while they never attained great wealth or fame they lived exemplary lives. They homesteaded land in the rich San Joaquin Valley where they lived, reared their families and prospered and passed away, Children of Thomas Jefferson Bozeman and Rachel Parker-Bozeman or Thomas Jefferson Bozeman and Eliza Ford-Bozeman see family group sheets. Information taken from: (Bozeman Sketches Vol.-1, Howell Bozeman1780, by; Rev. J.W. Bozeman, 1954; Per Diana Lucile Moreman-Williams) Recorded by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick. ** My note inserted, regarding town of Laton, Fresno Co., CA. Previously known as Kingston, Fresno Co., CA.** 1870 Census, Kingston (Laton), Fresno Co., CA, sheet 40-HH#447/312: Bozeman, Thos, 54, WM, Laborer, b. MS Eliza, 44, WF, Home, GA Bozeman, Thomas Jefferson (I1616)
49 1. JACOB2 LUMPKIN (THOMAS1) was born 1644 in England, and died September 14, 1708 in King & Queen Co., St. Stephens Parish, Va. at his home "Newington". He married ANN. Notes for JACOB LUMPKIN: In 1677 he was a Captain and in 1678 he was in the service for 5 months. In 1690 in court held on Sept 29, in New Kent, charges of Jacobitism in Virgina were brought against Jacob Lumpkin. Capt. Lumpkin still retained old loyalty to the Stuarts. (Virginia Magazine, VI; 389-396) Resided in King and Queen County, Virginia, settling there in 1682. "Newington" on the Mattaponi River was the original home of the Lumpkin Family. It contained about 1000 acres. In 1704 the Virginia Quit-Rent Rolls of King and Queen County contained the name of Jacob Lumpkin, and credited him with 950 acres at that time. He died 14, Sept 1708 at "Newington", King and Queen County, Virginia. Lower St. Stephen Church, now Mattaponi Baptist Church. Near the north door of the "Mattapony Church" lies a marble slab inscribed: JACOB LUMPKIN Obit 14 die September 1708, Aetatis 64 Dux Militum, Victor Hostium Morte Victus. Pax adsit, vives requias Eterna Sepultis. Transulated this reads: "A leader of soldiers; Conqueror of the enemy; Conquered by death. May peace be with him; you shall live. eternal rest for the buried." Authorities: "Lumpkin Lore" (1928) by L.L. Cody, pp. 2-4. "Lumpkin -- Wilson" (1929) by L.L. Cody, p. 57. "King and Queen County, Va." (1908 by Bagby, p. 58,62, 75-6, 85. Virginia Magazine, Vol. 6 p. 387-396. Vol. 32, p. 151. Vol. 41, p.202. Bagley's "King and Queen County, Virginia," published in 1908 contains on page 85 a letter written to Jame Southgate, Esq., as follows: Newington was the original seat of the Lumpkin family. It was owned by George Braxton, the father of the Carter Braxton who signed the Declaration of Independance. He died in 1736. It was passed from the Braxtons to the Roanes, a family of aristocratic and proud of their English descent. A son John married a Miss Fraizier, a butiful woman (from whose family Fraizier's Freey is now called) but beneath him in point of family connections and standing in society. He was so grieved over the mistake he made, that in a fit of desperation he killed his wife and the house servant, who tried to save the wife from the brutal attack of the husband. He was tried, convicted of murder, and sentanced to be hung, but before the time arrived he commited suicide in prison by drinking laudanum. This fine estate of nearly one thousand acres, was afterwards purchased by the Harwoods, about 1810 or 1820, and still (1900) is in the hands of this family. Cody's "Lumpkin Lore," published in 1928 contains on page 2 the following: There have been no records found so far antedating the time of Col. Jacob Lumpkin's arrival in Virginia. On the Mattapony River in King and Queen County, St. Stephen's Parish, there is an old church, build perhaps as early as 1690, known as the "Mattapony Church." Before the door leading to the North transept is a marble slab, marking the grave of Col. Jacob Lumpkin. One must almost step on it entering the church. The inscription, thanks to interested friends of Virginia antiques, has been rechiseled. . . The home of Col. Lumpkin (very near) was known as "Newington." The foundation walls of his residence may still be seen from the church door. He was evidently a man of wealth and station, and doubtless preceded by a line of honorable ancestors before comming to America. Traditions say, the stone that covers his grave was brought from England, the work of inscribing having been done after it arrived in America. He was born during the Cromwellian Era, and reached his majority soon after the accession of Charles Second. In the records of Middlesex County is an order dated October 2d 1677 stating that 18 men with horses were sent out of the country (by command of Governor Jeffreys) on May 20th preceeding, under the command of Capt. Jacob Lumpkin, and in Lancaster, May 29, 1678, is a certificate in regard to a horse which was taken out of service against the Indians, under command of Captain Jacob Lumpkin, and was out five months. (Virginia Magazine, Vol. 6, p. 389-396.) An altenate Lumpkin line at the "Ancestory World Tree": Husband: Anthony Lumpkins Father: Wife: Marye Dorothy Melbourne. Marriage Date: 21 Jul 1633 Marriage Place: Kirby-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, P/Tumby Woodside, England. Children: Thomas Lumpkins Husband: Thomas Lumpkins. Children: Jacob Lumpkins Husband: Jacob Lumpkins Father: Thomas Lumpkins Wife: Martha. Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1663-1693. Children: Elizabeth Lumpkins Thomas Lumpkins Mary Lumpkins Robert Lumpkins Husband: Robert Lumpkins. Wife: Martha. Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1707-1737. Children: George Lumpkins(married Mary Cody) Joseph Lumpkins Anthony Lumpkins Husband: George Lumpkins Wife: Mary Cody (Father: James Cody Mother: Sarah Womack). Marriage Date: 20 Sep 1748 Marriage Place: Halifax Co Va. Children: Mary Lumpkins1750- WFT Est. 1764-1844 m. John Wilson; John Lumpkins(1763 Va- 1834) m. Lucy Elizabeth Hopson. WFT Est. 1780-1807 [missing george and robert, I'm down the robert line -SJT] Husband: John Lumpkins MOTHER: Mary Cody Wife: Lucy Elizabeth Hopson; Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1780-1807. Children: William Lumpkins;Wilson Lumpkins (gov);Jack Lumpkins;George Lumpkins;Henry Hopson Lumpkins, Sr;Samuel Lumpkins;Robert Lumpkins;Martha Lumpkins;Joseph Henry Lumpkins;Thomas Jefferson Lumpkins;James Neville Lumpkins. Note that this line goes: Anthony (?-?) Thomas (1620-1648/1711) Jacob (1644-1708) Robert (1688-1732/80) George (Abt1723-1800) (wife is Mary Cody) The other goes: Jacob (1644-1708) Thomas (?-?) George (1727->=1800) (wife is Mary Cody) The Lumpkin Family of Georgia By L. L. Cody MACON, GEORGIA 1 9 2 8 INTRODUCTORY Many interesting facts relating to the Lumpkin family of Georgia, are recorded upon the pages that follow; though the writer does not claim the record to be complete. It was the intention to include in this narrative all the sons, and the only daughter of John Lumpkin, (born 1762), and his wife, Lucy Hopson; and the two succeeding generations; but owing to the fact that satisfactory information could not in some instances be obtained; some lines have of necessity been omitted. Mrs. E. B. Spalding of Savannah, Georgia, has been an enthusiastic and generous contributor, and doubtless knows more of the family history than any other. She is great grand daughter of Gov. Wilson Lumpkin, sister of 'he late Judge Pope Barrow, of the East Judicial Circuit; who was one of the most highly esteemed citizens of the State. The record as here given is of course only a synopsis; there having been several members of the family; whose careers in life would easily furnish material for a volume. It is a time honored customs with our best people; to record in the Family Bible-the dates of births and deaths, as they occured in the family circle. They families more highly endowed than others; more favorably situated in life, whose intellectual gifts, as well as attainments in life, call for a more extended recognition. Among the Lumpkin family and connections, have een many of this favored class. Mrs. W. L. Peel of Atlanta, died Feb. 1923. She had been for years collecting data, and planning a family history, to consist of two volumes. I brought to her attention, the fact; that I had compiled much information relating to the Lumpkin family, and suggested that she use my work as part of her work, and as a contribution from me. After examination, she readily accepted my proposition. And but for her untimely death; the work as here recorded would have appeared in her family volumes. The information here given, will be invaluable to the future chronicler of the family. On pages 236 and 395, "Whites Statistics of Georgia", much information relating to the Lumpkin family may be found. JACOB LUMPKIN Died on the 14 day of September 1708, 64 years Of age- A leader of soldiers; conqueror of the enemy. Conquered by death. May peace be with him; you shall live. Eternal rest for the buried. This grave has been visited by, other members of the family; and though diligent search made for a "Thomas" among the Virginia Records, the name does not appear except at a later date. Gov. Lumpkin speaks of "Dr. THomas Lumpkin... as having been the first American ancestor, and the one from whom all others are descended- it is eveident that he knew of Jacob, and that he came from England; how then could Thomas be ancestor of all the family in America. The Public Records of King and Queen County have twice been destroyed by fire; once in 1828 , again in 1864, and for this cause, all information relating to the earlier Lumpkins has been lost. The first family after Jacob of whom there is authentic record consisted of three brothers; George, Joseph, and Anthony Lumpkin. They were born about 1725, and lived in Pittaylvania County, Va. They were perhaps grand children of- Jacob, the pioneer. George Lumpkin married Mary Cody, daughter of James Cody, and his wife Sarah Womack. They reared three sons; John, George, and Robert; and one daughter, Mary; named for her Mother. This daughter married Col. John Wilson and remained in Virginia. They left many decendants who rank among the beat people of the State. The family chart will be found elsewhere in these writings. It is believed that "Dr. Thomas Lumpkin MAY be the father of Jacob Lumpkin. There are several variations of theories, including the fact that this Thomas maynothaveevenexisted." More About JACOB LUMPKIN: Political: A Jacobite; a Stuart loyalist Child of JACOB LUMPKIN and ANN is: 2. i. ROBERT3 LUMPKIN Lumpkin, Jacob (I944)
50 12 Feb 1845 James Trefoe m. Amanda Thompson in Claiborne Co., Miss. on Probate of James Trefoe, 1846. Died in Summer of 1846. His estate was divided between his widow, Amanda, and only child, Octavia J. Trefoe. In two years, Amanda remarried to Washington/Wadlington P. Mills who was made guardian over Octavia J. Octavia Trefoe 4years Female died of Fever in Jan 1850 Mortality in Hinds Co Ms Trefoe, James (I1385)

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